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Cervical cancer awareness

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Cervical cancer awareness. Please read my story of the devastating journey I have been through over the past year fighting cervical cancer.

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In 2017 I was blessed with the best and most exciting news of falling pregnant with my first child. That was followed closely with the most scariest and worst news... that I have cervical cancer. That not only I couldn't keep my baby, but also that I had to have an operation that meant that I could never have a baby again.

Luckily I was able to rush a round of fertility treatment so I have 4 embryos in the freezer waiting for someone amazing to offer to be a surrogate and bless me with a child of my own. Its a pain I carry every day and will do for the rest of my life.

From my operation 4 tumours were found and including in my lymph nodes. That resulted in me having to go through 5 weeks of radiation every day mon-fri and chemotherapy every Tuesday. It was just very draining. It also fried my ovaries so at the age of 28 I went into early menopause. Constant hot flushes and hormonal mood swings are not very exciting.

In fact the year has been very draining. My reason for creating this page is first to create awareness... to make it aware that cervical cancer is very real. That cervical cancer is very devastating. HOWEVER... cervical cancer is so PREVENTABLE. My aim would be that every woman goes and gets a smear test. Secondly, I want to give back to the clinic at the cancer and blood building. I want to raise enough money that I can donate it to the clinic that can help go towards updating the areas where the ladies who have to go through the very invasive and devastating treatment spend a lot of time. I want to help make that place a place where the ladies can feel comfortable and at ease. Finally I am now beginning my fight back from cancer to create my 'new normal' I want to dictate my new normal... not let cancer dictate my new normal. I have gained weight and emotionally lost a part of me during the past year. I will spend a small portion of the funds raised to go towards helping me fight this crap fight. My goal is to slowly but surely get my fitness, mind and body back with an end goal to run in the Honolulu marathon in December 2018. I want to run it for me and for every lady who has ever gone through what i have. I will run it in teal and white clothes. If you dont know, that is the colour of our bow. Help me get there :-)

Most importantly my journey isn't over. I am on an on-going journey and have regular 3-monthly checks and scans. I wont get a clearance from cancer for a long time due to the spread- i want to get this word out. Cervical cancer took my baby, my fertility, my privacy, my womanhood, my normality.... I don't want it to take anyone elses! GET A SMEAR ...

Use of Funds:

1. Donation to the Cancer and Blood building to go towards updating the building and in particular the areas where women going through treatment. 2. My personal fight against cancer and an attempt to create further awareness, run in the Honolulu marathon.

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Vivian-Lee Rewi


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  • $2,395.00 donated
  • 41 generous donors

$2,395 donated

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