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Challenging regulations that allow poison (1080/brodifacoum) aerially dropped in Nelson & NZ without public consultation.

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It is crucial this Appeal goes ahead because the public need to be involved in whether poisons are dropped in our natural environment.

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Our objective is to raise funds for legal costs for the Court of Appeal to give the public a say in decisions about aerial poisoning.


We lost the first High Court case. However, in preliminary rulings, the Court of Appeal has accepted that we have an arguable and public interest case against the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust (BWST), the Minister for the Environment and the Nelson City Council.

We need funds for the Court of Appeal hearing on the legality of the Resource Management Exemption Regulations 2017, which exempted aerial discharges of 1080 and brodifacoum poison bait from all the usual protections and public consultation requirements of the RMA.

We also seek clarification of the application of s13(1)(d) of the RMA to aerial poison drops. S13(1)(d) prohibits the discharge of any substance to the bed of any river without permission in the regional plan or a resource consent. This section is potentially very important. Current aerial poisoners typically intentionally discharge aerial poison over the entire operation area - including the beds of rivers and directly into the water.

We think it crucial to continue with our case to the Court of Appeal to try to overturn the Exemption Regulations so communities have a voice in how their local environment is managed and what protections are needed.

The fight against these Resource Management Act changes is for the greater good of community groups around New Zealand; especially so for those trying to have a say as to whether 1080 and other poisons such as brodifacoum are dropped around them.

Use of funds:

The funds raised will be used for legal and court costs, which could reach $60,000 (and beyond). Some of the court fees have been waived the Brook Valley Community Group being an incorporated society.

Page created by:

The Brook Valley Community Group was established in 2013 with the following aims:

- to help ensure the security and safety of our amenities and infrastructure

- to provide a point of contact for members with concerns/issues about amenities or infrastructure

- to provide a point of contact for the Nelson City Council and/or other agencies to consult with and to respond to local concerns and initiatives


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Brook Valley Community Group Inc..
“Stop shooting keas....... The BVCG recommends shooting keas and killing NZ native wildlife. Do not trust this group”
“"We Proudly Stand with the Real Brook Valley Community" against irresponsible indiscriminate untargeted aerial poisoning"”
“STOP THE POISON RAIN !! Buy the song too on Itunes and look out for the video releasing soon .”
“Go The Brook Valley Community Group!”
“Hopefully you the start of the tide of work needed to stop and Ban 1080. Good on you all.”
“Keep Fighting For Nature/Against Poison. Good Luck, and God Bless You all. Let me know if I can help in any way. All the Best, Annebeth”
“This is truly important to the fight against these disgusting poisons.”
“People, please get involved at whatever level you can - this affects ALL of us!”
  • $1,608.00 donated
  • 29 generous donors

$1,608 donated


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