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Chloe’s fight for LIFE

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$84,385 of $65,000 goal

Given by 802 generous donors in around 6 months


Raising money for an unfunded, targeted drug to help Chloe fight breast cancer and live a long and beautiful life with Cam, Coco & Isla ❤️

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In September our beautiful wee whanau’s world was turned upside down when we found out I have aggressive and invasive breast cancer.

Following a mastectomy, it was found to have spread to three lymph nodes - two under my arm, and one under my rib. I’ve been staged at 3B.

Thankfully a PET scan showed it hasn’t yet spread further to any organs, though as it’s already gone into the lymph nodes, it could still easily spread.

We desperately don’t want it to spread, as once it does it becomes incurable.

We’re doing everything we can to stop it from spreading so that I can live a long and joy-filled life with my beautiful whanau.

Unfortunately my type of breast cancer is a bit trickier to treat that others, as it’s resistant to two of the three cancer receptors. This puts my prognosis rate about 20-25% lower than the average breast cancer rate.

Our amazing oncologist has recommended we include an unfunded drug in my chemotherapy regime. It’s a targeted therapy for my particular type of cancer, and will increase the chance of my cancer not spreading by 3.5%.

3.5% might not seem like a lot. But in reality, that 3.5% could save my life. It could be the 3.5% which means my beautiful babes Coco and Isla grow up with their beloved mama. The 3.5% which means Cam and I can grow old together.

The treatment comes at a huge cost - $65K - and we can’t afford to pay for it on our own, especially as I currently can’t work. And there are so many extra costs we are facing as we fight to beat this.

I promise to do everything in my power to beat this cancer. I’d love you to join me if you can.

Thank you so much for your love and support on this terrifying journey. It means the world to us.

Use of funds

Money will pay for Pertuzumab, a targeted cancer drug which Chloe has been recommended to have to increase her chances of survival.

Latest donations

  • steve

    steve on 24 Apr 2020



  • Ally

    Ally on 15 Mar 2020


    Praying that your treatment is helping. Love Ally and Craig Russell.


  • Eloise

    Eloise on 03 Mar 2020


    Love to you all from Taranaki xox


  • Mary and Chris

    Mary and Chris on 03 Mar 2020


    With love to you and your beautiful whanau Chloe, please get well. From Eloise's parents xxxx


  • Bron & Gregg

    Bron & Gregg on 24 Jan 2020


    Peace to you Chloe. We think of you often. Love from friends of Janelle xx


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This page was created on 7 Nov 2019 and closed on 8 May 2020.
$84,385 of $65,000 goal

Given by 802 generous donors in around 6 months

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