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Victim Support Official Page: Christchurch Shooting Victims' Fund

  • Victim Support Update: The last distribution of donated funds

      28 June 2019
    Posted by: Cam Cotter

    An update to all generous donors,

    Yesterday, Victim Support announced the last distribution of donated funds to victims of the Christchurch Mosque Attacks.

    Once again, we express our sincere thanks for the gift you have given to help those suffering such devastating grief and loss.

    Your gift has not only touched the lives of the victims, but sent a strong message of unity and solidarity to the world. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Over four lump sum payments, your donations have now been used to provide amounts across four categories:

    · $90,000 for each bereaved family

    · $51,000 for each victim shot

    · $34,000 to other victims injured

    · $17,000 to other victims present in the mosques at the time of the attacks

    We will be disbursing the final payments to victims from today.

    In addition to the lump sum payments, $1.6 million was spent on victim grants to cover emergency costs like funerals, travel for family members, groceries, childcare, and more.

    Finally, we will hold a small contingency to cover victims yet to be identified by Police. Any contingency not used by the first anniversary of the attacks will be handed over to the Christchurch Foundation for victims' long-term support.


    My support workers and I would love to keep you updated with our progress for victims in Christchurch and around New Zealand!

    Simply click this link and add your details to receive our updates quarterly:

    You can also contact us at for our latest updates or if you have any questions about our Christchurch response.

    Once again, THANK YOU so very much for your incredible generosity, encouragement, love and support.

    Warm regards,

    Kevin Tso

    Chief Executive

    Victim Support New Zealand

    P.S To learn more about our consultation process and distribution of funds to date, click here:

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    • 29/06/2019 by Jan

      Thank you for the update and a bigger thank you for the work you have done for this and other Victims.

    • 30/06/2019 by Vivienne Riddell

      Please check the email address you have listed for information and updates. My understanding is that mail chimp will not have "." in the middle of the word. This does not look true.

  • Thank you for your generous donation. Here's an update on our Fund plan

      10 May 2019
    Posted by: Cam Cotter

    Kia ora

    Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank you for your incredible generosity.

    I also want to send you this next update to dispel any uncertainty or angst around the funds raised through our appeal.

    As you will already be aware, more than $10.5 million was raised by generous New Zealanders just like you, on Givealittle.

    We have been working tirelessly to ensure that we are building a full and correct list of victims and get financial support to them, as well as delivering to our core purpose of providing with victims with practical and emotional information and support.

    This is an extremely complex, unprecedented process and it’s always been clear it would take some time to work through it. That’s why we have been making a combination of emergency and lump sum payments available at each stage of the process so we could make support available quickly.

    Over the next week, additional payments will be made to bereaved families, those physically injured, and those present at the attacks.

    Our first payments were available within days of the attacks, and by next week, we will have released $7 million of support directly to victims – nearly a million dollars a week.

    This has been funded from the $10.5 million pledged to Victim Support through Givealittle, as well as additional pledges from Islamic community organisations and donations received by the charity through other channels.

    A final payment will also be made in June once all donations have been received and a final appeal total is known.

    A contingency amount of $1 million will be held back from the final payment to ensure that we can meet commitments to victims’ emergency expenses and provide financial assistance to any new victims who may still come forward.

    As I committed from the outset of this appeal, no portion of the money you donated will be used to cover administration expenses. 100 per cent of funds received will go to victims.

    We are engaging with Islamic community leaders and victims to talk through the final distribution of funds.

    I have been overwhelmed by the generous response from people like you since these horrific attacks. The amounts you have given have far exceeded all expectations and has meant that a larger and more complex distribution process has been required of us.

    As we are a registered charity, the board and I have also committed to have the fund administration independently audited.

    We see every single day just how much of an impact the financial support we’ve already given is having in the local community.

    On a final note, I do want to say that this level of support and care now available to those left devastated by the March attacks would not have been possible if not for the incredible generosity of people like you.

    The entire team here at Victim Support wishes to again thank everyone who has donated to the fund. We are now working together with The Spark Foundation to close the Givealittle page on 30 May.

    You have our commitment that we will continue to work to support these victims through their long journey ahead.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kevin Tso

    Chief Executive

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    • 10/05/2019 by Trish

      Hi there

      I just wanted to say you have been doing a wonderful job of distributing these funds under very trying circumstances.

      Thank you for the considerate & transparent way you have handled this situation. I’m sure that regardless of the inevitable criticism you will receive (there are always negative views out there), the families receiving the funds appreciate the work you have been doing.

      Keep up the good work 😊

      Trish Smith

    • 11/05/2019 by Kay

      Victim Support can be proud of what they have done and the transparency they have committed to. The level of organisation taken to achieve all this is incredible and to be honest, doesn’t always happen so congratulations to you all

    • 11/05/2019 by Judy

      I want to add my thanks for the great job that you’ve done in handling such an unprecedented situation. I was grateful to have an opportunity to contribute a small amount of support through your organization.

    • 11/05/2019 by Ali

      Thank you for posting an update. It’s great to hear what the next steps are. I wondered if you could give some thought to amending your third paragraph - it wasn’t only New Zealanders that gave money, lots of lovely caring overseas people did too.

      Kind regards,


    • 11/05/2019 by Maria

      I support the care you are taking in ensuring fair and equitable distribution of the funds. While it has been hard for some to wait till this process is complete, it is wise in the long run. I sincerely hope funding will also be available for therapeutic intervention for those suffering from PTSD

    • 11/05/2019 by Eleanor Bensemann

      Thanks for the update. I definitely wasn't one of those complaining. I understood from the beginning that it would be a complex process, and you made it clear that all money donated would go to the victims. Some people should read all the information available before commenting on social media.

    • 12/05/2019 by Kete Food Share

      You are doing a wonderful job under trying circumstances. Thank you for all that you do. Don't let the nay sayers get to you.

    • 13/05/2019 by Kathy

      So inspiring to see this response from so many people who care. Was glad to be a very small part of that response from New Mexico, USA. Thank you, also, for the genuine and authentic way these donations are being used. More operations could increase their funding if they followed your model. Gracias!

    • 13/05/2019 by New

      There is no way I would have given to this page if I had known how long it would take to distribute these funds. The excuses that have been used is that it has taken all this time to identify the deceased and injured and who else was present in the mosques at the time of the shootings. The deceased were identified and their bodies released to their families and the injured identified within a week and it is beyond belief that it would have taken over eight weeks to determine who else was present. These families needed this money as soon as possible not over eight weeks later.

  • Thank you for your generosity!

      11 April 2019
    Posted by: Cam Cotter
    Main image

    Kia ora

    Many thanks for your generous donation through GiveaLittle to support those affected by the tragic Christchurch Mosque attacks.

    This is a quick update to let you know that your donation is already being put to good use.

    So far, Victim Support have provided support to more than 800 people directly impacted by the attacks. Almost $1.7 million in financial support has been provided to victims, including $1.42 million from our fundraising appeal.

    Some of the things you’ve helped us provide to victims include:

    • Lump sum cash payments to those bereaved and injured

    • Flights and accommodation to bring family members to New Zealand

    • Funding for funeral expenses

    • Grants to help with daily living expenses and lost income

    These payments are for initial needs only while we work with victims and the affected community around further criteria.

    There will be many more needs for these funds in the weeks and months ahead, so it’s important that we ensure funds remain available for those needs to come. We also need to take the time to make careful, well-informed decisions, guided by victims and the Muslim community, about the long-term use of funds. In the meantime, we’ll continue to make financial support available for victims for their immediate needs.

    The impact of this tragedy and the cost of recovery is going to be many multiples of what has been fundraised, so we’re also working closely with government around how all the needs of victims and the community can be met.

    As promised, your donation will not be used to fund the regular operations of Victim Support. All funds donated will be used to assist those affected by the tragedy and their families.

    Keep an eye out for more updates on our website,

    Once again, thank you for your generosity!

    Nga Mihi

    Kevin Tso

    Chief Executive – Victim Support

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    • 12/04/2019 by Scott

      Thanks Kevin, you & your team are doing a great job. Keep it up!

    • 12/04/2019 by Andrea

      It's been so sad losing lovely innocent people . It's the least I could do to give a little .Just wondering if the family's are eligible for winz help too . The people of NZ and the world have given so much which is a beautiful thing to do, I'm sure being NZ citizens they are going to get ongoing help from winz and the Muslim community as they are so very supportive of each other too .💜

    • 04/05/2019 by Ruth

      I am very concerned about the delays in distributing money. At the point I contributed there was enough money for $180,000 per person killed. I realise that distributing it equally is not the best way to meet needs, and also that people who were injured or caught up as witnesses to the horror also need assistance, but I cannot see why some very significant amounts (e.g. $50,000 - $80,000 per employed or care giving person killed or disabled) cannot be given immediately. Concern for fairness seems to be hindering major needs being met.

    • 11/05/2019 by vivienne

      thank you for taking the time to provide this overview and explanation : i have been deeply concerned that the largesse offered by the many who have contributed has not been distributed to the victims and whilst i do understand this is a difficult task : i would like confirmation of who is paying the PR agencies : and from what funds ?!? surely there is no place in this heartfelt mission for an orchestrated PR campaign : the massacre happened : it horrified Kiwis : they rushed to offer support ... you have the funds ... where do PR agencies fit into this ? a clear auditing from a respected outside body is the response that is required : and knowledge that funds are available to the victims ...

    • 11/05/2019 by Sheila

      Am somewhat disgusted at the way these funds have been held back from those in need and will think strongly about donating next time.. I sincerely hope this is not a scam.

    • 13/05/2019 by New

      Thank you. Thank you. Thanks you. You provide a caring vehicle for all us to support those in dire need.

    • 13/05/2019 by New

      Sheila - while it is acceptable to be a little cynical these days, you also need to consider how appalling your comments are to a genuine, legitimate charity that looks after victims. The funds were not 'held back' - read the related news articles.

    • 16/05/2019 by Bevan

      Thanks for the update Kevin. I felt that some people were being unfair in their criticism. It is clear that the ramifications of this tragedy will go on for years and so the distribution of our fundraising must be balanced to meet both the short term and long term.

    • 29/06/2019 by Lilac

      A huge thank you for the wonderful job you guys have done. You are heroes too. Lilac