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Christchurch Terror Attack Victim (Deceased)- Farhaj Ahsan

Closed Cause page created in the Disaster category by Abdul Feroze for "Insha Aziz"

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Let's help Farhaj's family with some love

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We are creating this page on behalf of Christchurch Terror attack victim Farhaj Ahsan.

Farhaj Ahsan was one of the 50 killed in the Christchurch Mosque Shootings on the 15th of March 2019. He leaves behind his wife, 3 year old daughter and 7 months old baby boy. His loss had effected his family and their surviving with daily expenses in this country as he was the sole provider for his family.

Farhaj was a very easy going person, he always wore a beautiful smile and was always ready to help others. He is a wonderful person and a beautiful human being with a caring heart.

I know that we can’t bring the little ones their father, but by supporting them financially we can bring the little ones' the future which their father Farhaj might have planned or wished for them.

I was unable to answer when his daughter kept asking "Uncle! Where is daddy?". His younger one lost his father before he could gain his consciousness.

Let us please show our love in form of donations to his family. We can't get Farhaj back but can take care of his family in his absence.

Use of funds:

This money will help his wife raise her kids in Farhaj's absence.

Page created by:

Abdul Feroze


I am a close friend of Farhaj Ahsan. I have known him for 14 years.

All funds raised benefit:

Insha Aziz

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Insha Aziz on behalf of Insha Aziz.
“Sorry for u r family”
“Farhaj has been one of my close friends in MJ. Although the donation is merely small, I hope it will be of a little help. Please contact me in the future if I can be helpful in any way.”
“God bless them :)”
“We feel terribly sorry for the loss. Our condolences are with the family”
“Allah jannat e firdous mein jaga ada farmaye mere bhai ku”
“May Allah grant you reward for organising this For Farhaj’s family.”
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirajioon...!! You are a shaheed.”
“Kia kaha, we all be Muslims on 15th march forever! We are one!”
“My cousin Farhaj, may Allah reward you with highest position in jannat-ul-firdous.Ameen. I'm extremely sorry for his family and his cute kids. I understand this is the deepest pain that family is going through.Our duas, thoughts and hearts with his family and rest victims families. Thanks to all his friends for showing so much love in different ways by physical effort, wishes and specially by contribution. May Allah reward you all for a such a great help. My special thanks to brother Feroze for being so thoughtful and helping alot to his family and giving us chance to help by setting up something lie this. May Allah swt reward for you and your family with the best of his bounties. We can't bring back Farhaj but of-course we can make make Dua and contribute by whatever we can to his family. I thank once again each one of you for being so kind, thoughtful and helping. May Allah reward you all. Ameen. Regards, Nasir Khan.”
“God Bless”
  • $39,705.85 donated
  • 343 generous donors

$39,706 donated

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