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Mesh Removal Surgery for Christine Williams - Updates - Givealittle

  • Wharf2Wharf Waiheke 2018 run walk event my daughters and friends are doing to raise funds for me     6 January 2018

    One of my daughters and an amazing group of her friends are doing the Auckland Wharf2Wharf Waiheke fun run and walking event on Saturday 17th March 2018. I'm very humbled by this as my daughter in no way likes to walk or run long distances but her friends and her are doing this for me. And although I'm aware it's St Patrick's day as well that day I admire them doing this before they probably collapse at a vineyard to celebrate or drink away their pains. Big hugs to them all xxx

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  • Update on why my mum still requires this surgery     8 September 2017

    My mother has been told by mesh removal surgeons that at this stage NZ does not have the surgical expertise to deal with such a complex case which includes severe nerve damage. Recent scans have shown that the mesh is at different angles in her groin area and the mesh is pulling so tight that she has now got bilateral inguinal hernias. Also due to damage from a previous partial removal she has been informed that the muscle to the urethra has been damaged and she will never be continent again. She still has mesh remaining internally and at least 5cms in each groin / obturator area.

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  • Thank you from Christine Williams     11 September 2016

    My mum would just like to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have so generously donated to her Give a Little page so far. She is very humbled by the generosity of people and is grateful for all the people who are donating to help her get her mesh removed.

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  • Dr Veronikis the surgeon that my mum needs to remove her mesh     11 September 2016
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    I wanted to attach a document where Dr Veronikis explains about mesh and the removal of mesh but I am unable to upload the whole document. Below is an extract from a recent interview he gave and also his website address so if you are interested you can read how difficult it is to remove my mum's TOT mesh.


    Extract: “The location of the mesh (vagina, abdomen, groins, and legs), in proximity to fragile nerves, bladder wall, rectal wall and major blood vessels, in addition to whether the mesh is exposed or eroded is always an element to consider in removing mesh. Another complex and difficult area of mesh removal is if the mesh is adhered to the bones. However, the more challenging side of mesh removal is locating the mesh that has been placed deep in the groin areas (TOT slings [1 arm in each groin] and Anterior Prolapse mesh kits [2 arms in each groin]), as it traverses from inside the vagina/pelvis to the outside of the pelvis and into the leg muscles.”

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