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Please help us keep the beautiful island animals of Rarotonga happy, healthy and population numbers under control!

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Pets Awareness Animal Welfare

The Cook Islands SPCA looks after stray, abused and homeless animals here in Rarotonga. We have set up this page so donors have somewhere to contribute as we are often asked how people can easily donate to our charity. All proceeds from this page will contribute towards the day-to-day running of the CISPCA and any special projects we need to fund.

Along with focusing on animal welfare and rehoming/adoption, the CISPCA has a long term goal of completing a Mass Island Desexing project to help keep the dog population under control.

We are aiming to spay or neuter 1,500 dogs (stray or owned) which will hopefully make a noticeable long-term difference to the dog numbers here in Rarotonga, keeping them happy and healthy. This will be a free service that we can provide to the community who often feel they can not afford veterinary care or feel uncomfortable taking their animals to be desexed.

To make this particular project happen we need to raise approximately $120,000.00. This will go towards veterinary/surgical supplies, vet accommodation while they carry out the project, transporting the animals to and from surgery, property rental/surgery site hire, ongoing surgical follow up etc.

We would also like to send all de-sexed dogs away with a nice new colour coded collar so we can easily tell who has taken part in the programme and make it easier for follow up dog registration.

Once completed, we hope this project will not only make the animals lives better but also the experience of many tourists that visit our tropical paradise on a yearly basis. If you have ever visited Rarotonga you will know that there are many dogs roaming the beaches and roads. Unfortunately these dogs often get hit by cars leaving them badly injured; or vice verse the dogs can dangerously charge out at scooters injuring the riders. A reduction in dog numbers will hopefully reduce both of these problems.

The small team of volunteers at the CISPCA are dedicated to making a real difference, we just need the money to make it happen. Please support this excellent cause...donate and LIKE our Cook Islands SPCA Facebook page to monitor our progress!

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Grant Kennedy


From Victoria Kennedy (Secretary CISPCA): As an animal lover residing in Rarotonga, I have become heavily involved in the Cook Islands SPCA since relocating here from New Zealand.

I am part of a small number of dedicated volunteers who man the SPCA Op Shop, the SPCA Kennel site, fundraising raffles and quizzes and behind the scenes administration to name a few. We are also called out on a daily basis to inspect animals that the public are concerned about and transport animals to and from the vets that require veterinary attention. The Cook Islands SPCA is a charity that relies solely on local sponsors, donations from tourists and the local community. We do not have dedicated funding or large marketing budgets but we do what we can to keep the animals of Rarotonga happy, healthy and well loved.

This page has been created so donors have somewhere to contribute to, as we are often asked how people can quickly and easily donate to our charity, especially since the CISPCA only has a Rarotongan Bank Account and that often doesn't suit overseas vistors/donors. All proceeds from this page will contribute towards the day-to-day running of the CISPCA and any special projects we need to fund.

Please help this great cause so we can keep moving the CISPCA forward, continue our work in animal welfare and help make a dent in the growing dog population.

All funds raised benefit:

Cook Islands SPCA

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Grant Kennedy on behalf of Cook Islands SPCA.
“For the animals in Raro”
“Love the beautiful animals in Raro”
“Keep up the great work”
“We hope that this helps a little keeping some of the beautiful dogs fed and safe.”
“I love the doggies of Raro! This is a little something for them and the wonderful people of SPCA who tirelessly give their time and love in helping our four legged friends have a better life xxx”
“Keep up the good work guys xx”
“Wanted to help the lovely gentle dogs on the Island.”
“Love the dogs, cats etc of the Cook Islands”
“Love all the sweet Raro animals!”
  • $5,415.50 donated
  • 69 generous donors

$5,416 donated

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