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We are holding the Government to account - want to help?!

  • Sad news....

      10 September 2020

    We are sad to tell you that we have lost the Judicial Review in the High Court against Labour Ministers over the Oceana purchase of farmland at Waihi to build a new dam. The big guys won.

    It was always a risk, but we are proud we challenged the Ministers for their decision and we are hugely grateful to all of you for your support, moral and financial.

    We have a long and proud history of protecting the beautiful Hauraki Coromandel, it's always been a 'David and Goliath' situation, our communities against the mega rich miners. As disappointing as this loss is, we will continue to work to keep this toxic industry out!

    So again, from us all at Coromandel Watchdog, thank you for your support! Please, keep in touch with what we are doing - this ain't over yet!

    Augusta and the whole Watchdog Team.

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  • Still no word

      8 September 2020

    Hi all,

    We are thrilled to say that between this page and direct contributions we were successfully able to pay all our legal costs... we went to Wellington and sat through the 2 day hearing, listening as our lawyers explained our case - and argued for us, for why toxic tailings dams don't provide a net benefit to our country.

    They did a great job - and we are still waiting for a judgement. Will update as soon as we get one!

    We continue to have lots to do as since then Oceana Gold has also applied for a mining permit over DOC land!

    Thanks again for all your support - not only the financial support, but the supportive comments too. Our productive land is way too precious to be used as a toxic dump site for a multinational company - and our conservation is way too precious to mine!

    Best, Augusta and the Coromandel Watchdog Team

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  • In the High Court Next Week

      2 June 2020

    Massive thanks to all who have given either via this page or direct to our bank account - your support has meant that we are now just a week away from bringing our case to the High Court in Wellington!

    We have engaged some experts - who are brilliant. and mostly giving their time. We have great lawyers, who are working so hard for us - for a hugely discounted rate. And we have a solid team, who are beavering away, trying to raise the money we need (not easy over lockdown!) and getting any further info that the lawyers need.

    If you have a minute, please share our page again, and ask your friends to jump on board and support us! This is such an important case!

    Best from the Coromandel Watchdog Team!

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  • Covid 19 Update: It's still all on, and just as vital as ever!

      8 April 2020

    What strange times these are! And of course the price of gold is sky rocketing... ! We are likely to be in Court in June for initial hearings and we will keep you informed as to any progress.

    We are hugely grateful for all the support so far, and ask people to continue to share this page with friends and family, and to talk with people about whats going on - lots of info on our website and Facebook page.

    Thanks for all you support! We can do this - as a community, standing up for the Hauraki Coromandel!

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  • ELA Fund says no!

      15 March 2020

    Unfortunately, we have been declined by the Environment Legal Assistance Fund - even though this will be a very important test case for Aotearoa. This is about climate, its land, it's water, it's our future!

    We need you to be a part of this more than ever! Thank you so much to those who have already given, please keep sharing, email your friends, so that we can take this case - and hold this Government to account!

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