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Courtney's Heart Transplant

Closed Cause page created in the Health category by Philly Rillstone for Adrienne Wood

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This page has been created to support Courtney and her family through life at this challenging time.

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Beautiful Courtney Harland who is 14 years old has heart failure and has been diagnosed with (LVNC) Left Ventricular Non Compaction Cardiomyopathy. Her heart is enlarged and is only working at between 12 - 15%. She has just had a CRT ICD implanted, this will help her get back to some normality for a while. She is needing a heart transplant in the near future. Courtney is in great spirits and taking all this in her stride. She shows a huge amount of resilience to keep a brave face along with her beautiful smile. She has won over many nurses and doctors with her smile and wonderful attitude. She is keeping everyone around her strong and positive.

Philly Rillstone's involvement (page creator)

I have known Dean and Adrienne for over 30 years. All of their friends and family are just wishing to help in whatever way they can.

Use of funds

Funds raised will be used to cover day to day expenses for the family.

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Some Wonderful News...  21 September 2019

Posted by: Philly Rillstone

Courtney received a donor heart in the early hours of Tuesday morning. She’s doing really well and the doctors are pleased with her progress so far. She’s a bit sore which is to be expected but is truly thankful as are we. I’m not posting anything on Facebook in respect of our donors family - our gain is someone’s huge loss and we continue to pray for that family. We have been truely blessed! Courtney still has a long journey ahead but if the last 4 days are anything to go by it’s all very positive. Thank you everyone for your messages with love and support.

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  • Pat

    Pat on 30 Dec 2019


    Wishing you all the best. So nice to meet up with you all again. Love Pat.


  • 125 Moxham

    125 Moxham on 21 Oct 2019


    Kia kaha from Warsaw xxx


  • Alison

    Alison on 28 Sep 2019


    may every little bit of help make this recovery period more comfortable for Courtenay and her loving family..


  • The Horgan family

    The Horgan family on 26 Sep 2019


    Thinking of you all


  • The Faherty family

    The Faherty family on 25 Sep 2019


    Speedy recovery.


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$21,750 donated

Given by 163 generous donors in one year

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