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Creation of an ultimate International News Channel

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$17 of $9,000,000 goal
Given by 3 generous donors in around 3 months

News Nation Global needs donation to start a successful New Zealand made international News Channel.

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The business:

News Nation Global is a premium news website which started its journey in March 2020 and allows users to read news from almost 15 countries. It collects, spins into a new format & publishes the news on the website in the new format from 15 countries. News Nation Global is approved from google news. Currently, the website provides news from the US, UK, Russia, China, Taiwan Africa, Iran, Italy, Finland, India, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Guam, Fiji. Apart from this, we have 12 other news categories as well. Also, News Nation Global allows users to get access to 6 different articles categories as well.

Future Plan:

The mission is to increase in the market capture of the audience in the field of the news sector by creating a 24x7x365 news providing TV News channel + Internet News channel at the international level, keeping New Zealand's dignity, quality & respect as a top priority. News Nation Global want to telecast the live, breaking news and news from various countries on the big screens proudly. Also, gathering news reports from our news reporters from various part of the world and show them to the public directly through our TV news channels.

The Market:

It is projected that the media market can reach up to 9% of the revenue growth with the forecast till 2023 which is around USD $50.75 billion. Also, Internet media market growth can have its future forecast to reach its level from USD $120.9 billion to 153 billion by 2024. Moreover, Tv media can reach has a market growth forecast from USD $62.3 billion to USD $71.6 billion by 2024. This is precious time to enter into the 24X4X365 day's International TV news & internet news channel.

Progress & proof:

News Nation Global has posted 1,50,000 news posts till now. The direct market capture is of 14.4% in global in terms of organic direct search. 9.81% are the direct return hits & 1,50,639 post shares count. Our numbers of returning users are 70.4% & numbers are kept on increasing. If we talk about the last 90 days, it got 2,24,000 impressions on the direct web search, 22,000 new unique visitor and 2300 direct click hits. Also, 4,98,000 direct other impressions. News Nation Global Social pages also played a crucial role in attracting visitors to our website with 11,56,000 clicks on the website via Twitter on News Nation Global followed by, 4,00,000 on Reddit, 3,00,000 on Facebook, 40,000 on Linkedin. 50.4% of the audience are male & 49.6%, female.

Contact email:


Robust & workable website audience

Very positive increase in traffic

Reached successfully 6,07,994 click counts & increasing everyday

Successfully increasing its global visibility

Constantly increase in traffic since started.

The Deal

We are looking for a donation of $9,000,000 to set up everything. This offer amount can include the studio setup, news channel registrations, devices, cameras, camera crews, reporters, anchors, broadcast setup etc.

Use of funds

Studio setup, even if the donation amount will not reach its target then still the donation amount will be used in making the setup for news channel at a smaller scale but we will grow the news channel rapidly.

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Latest donations

Kush on 14 Feb 2021
We definitely good news company.
mark on 13 Feb 2021
great thinking man
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Feb 2021
awesome thought

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