Crusader Fan Arrested

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We believe Police made a wrong call on a good guy.


Money is needed to defend Jon Rua, the Crusaders fan, from what we believe to be a wrongful arrest. In our opinion he has been unfairly treated because his choice of footie team, flag-wearing and sports-minded opinions offended the wrong person.

Because Jonno pleaded "not guilty as charged", he now needs a lawyer to defend him against the Police allegations of "LIKELY TO CAUSE VIOLENCE". Mild-natured Jonno has never before been arrested.

You need to know Jon Rua is 59 years old, is on an invalid benefit, has heart and weight issues, diabetes, crook knees and a mild disposition. He is an ardent Crusaders fan and was raised a Christian. He has no Court convictions, and before his illness worked as a bus driver.

Jon Rua Needs Our Help:

The First Nation Association is acting to protect Jon Rua's Free Speech and Human Rights. We intend to use these funds to pay Jonno's legal fees, to develop a proper legal defense, to inform the public of the Police threat to Freedom of Speech, and to educate the Police on Human Rights so they stop bothering peaceful flag-wearing footie fans.

About us

We support individuals, groups and organisations which stand for Free Speech, Community Development, Volunteering, Educational Development and Moral Improvement. Funds raised go to projects, activities and causes which advance these goals. Our volunteers provide adult education, training in public speaking, lobbying, writing and advocacy. Topics include cultural change and conflict management, protection of human rights, truth in ideology and especially quality of relationships.

Use of funds

Costs and expenses: Court case preparation, lawyer's attendance, social media promotion, advertising and Free Speech events, publicity materials, posters and placards, purchase of flags. Extra funds go for Free Speech publicity and education.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 Aug 2019
Not agreeing with someone is not hate speech. Being able to have a civilised discussion is a sign of any modern society.
Jennifer on 06 Aug 2019
Lisa on 30 Jul 2019
This was disgusting, no bill had been passed that remotely backed this act on the polices part. So now we have no freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and as it stands the Crusaders will be keeping their name as far as I'm aware so it doesn't hold any weight at all. This world is so messed up. Johns wife is also recovering from a stroke or something I think so he cant be there for her when she needs help. Be it on the polices head if something happens to her god forbid.
Charmaine on 29 Jul 2019
This is starting to get scary.
James on 28 Jul 2019
All the best with your fight! I hope it gets publicity and this insanity stops.

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