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Curing Cancer - One miracle at a time

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Fundraising for my: Give Cancer the Boot Mission

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Hello, my name is Krishla.

10 years ago I got breast cancer while pregnant with my daughter Summer (now 10) and I was advised at the time to terminate my pregnancy, but not wanting to give up on my miracle baby I kept her.

I beat breast cancer, however, cancer decided to revisit me last year (2017) in the form of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) including tumours that were found in my liver (Hepatocellular carcinoma). I was told I had two years to live.

I am currently one year into one year of conventional treatment (Chemotherapy and radiation) to prolong my life, for my daughters and 2 year old grandson, I am looking at alternative therapies that have proven successful for other people, and that fit with my beliefs.

These treatments are Vitamin C Infusions and Ozone therapy and a nutritional whole food supplement called Juice Plus, this three pronged treatment plan I believe will be successful.

Not being able to work has been difficult and financially it has taken a toll on both myself and my family.

Emotionally I struggle on a daily basis, despite this I try and put my energy into hope, hope that these three treatments will prolong my life further than the 2 years predicted, and all me to be a mum and grandmother for years to come.

I find it very difficult to ask for help, but here I am.

Love Krishla

Use of Funds:

Weekly Vitamin C infusions, Ozone Therapy and my Nutritional Supplements. If I exceed my target I will put it towards my continuing nutritional supplements and if things don't go to plan....well it will go towards a bank account for my children.

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Krishla Speck


I am a 44 year old Mother of three darling girls; 24, 22 and 10 and a grandmother of a 2 year old grandson.

I am into physical fitness (somewhat limited now), I love my beach walks and learning how to SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Board).

My children are my world and I would love to be around them for another good 44 years or more.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Krishla Speck.

  • $1,745.00 donated
  • 40 generous donors

$1,745 donated

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