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Help Me Get My Son Back

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Given by 10 generous donors in around 3 months

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My son has fallen on hard times and needs to return to his family in NZ.

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My name is Carol Versfeld

I know those of you who want to help already know this story but for those strangers who don't here are details.

My family immigrated to NZ 19 Years ago from South Africa leaving my then 19 year old son (to another marriage) to live there (his name being Dale)

Fast Forward to 3.5 years ago due to him struggling, I took out a loan, brought him to NZ to internationally study as a chef so that he could work towards getting a residency.

He qualified and is now a NZ qualified chef; unfortunately through timing circumstances he had to return to SA. Being a South African, he doesn't qualify for a working/holiday visa in NZ.

Now that you are all caught up here is why I need your help.

Dale is now 38 and lives homeless in Durban South Africa, he needs to apply for residency before 40 but because of hard times has fallen off his feet.

This money would help with the following:

- Deposit for accommodation and 3 months rent (1350NZD)

- Food for 3 months and to get a working phone ($450)

- Towards a ticket back to his family in NZ ($900)

All of this would help him finish getting his experience for chefing and make his way back to NZ to get his residency.

Thank you to everyone for their support

Carol Versfeld's involvement (page creator)

Dale is my 38 year old son but after qualifying as a chef in NZ, had to return to SA. He has fallen on hard times. He needs chef experience in South Africa to apply to NZ for a work visa so that he can join his family here. NZ holiday/working visas are not available for South Africans.

Use of funds

Immediate accommodation and expenses in Durban to get him settled so that he can work and gain chef experience so he can then re-apply to a work visa/residency in NZ

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Latest update

Getting life back on track - 8 weeks  12 May 2019

Thank you for your extremely generous contributions. It has been a hard, long 8 weeks for me, organising accommodation short-term and trying to find a place to rent for longer term for my son Dale Baker (so difficult without references etc.,). With a time difference of 10 hours, my night time is SA daytime. I have felt frustrated and irritated but am pleased to say Dale has a basic mobile phone (no WhatsApp) and a place to live presently which gives him his own space of basics, bed, hot water, food. Please keep Dale in your thoughts and prayers as there are still lots of unresolved issues we are working through.

Thank you for your love and support and for being there for me during this time as we have supported him through these last 8 weeks. More updates soon as he gets his life back on track.

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Latest donations

  • Wheelie

    Wheelie on 10 May 2019



    • Carol Versfeld

      Thank you so much for your very generous donation. As you know, this amount of money goes an extremely long way in SA. You are very kind. Much love, Carol v.

  • Private Donor

    Private Donor on 29 Apr 2019


    I know every little bit counts.


  • Michelle

    Michelle on 11 Apr 2019



    • Carol Versfeld

      Thank you Michelle for this wonderful donation - please thank all the hairdressers - you are very kind and thank you for listening to me (like having a personal therapist). Love Carol v. x

  • Vicki

    Vicki on 04 Apr 2019


    Thinking of you and looking forward to eating where Dale gets to work in NZ x


    • Carol Versfeld

      Truly amazing and touching seeing this donation. It is in dark times that that we truly realise what special people we have been surrounded by in our lives. Hope your golf is as great as your heart.

  • BigD

    BigD on 04 Apr 2019


    Hoping for the best for Dale


    • Carol Versfeld

      You both have big hearts and amazing advice. I am so grateful for your friendship and your messages of support whilst I have been so worried and down about Dale's situation. Sometimes I feel so helpless and alone, knowing he is a qualified chef, yet can't work in this country where I live, because I never processed papers when we emigrated 19 years ago. So stressful for me as his mother. Thank you.

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$416 of $3,500 goal

Given by 10 generous donors in around 3 months

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