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Dalet lost everything in a fire

  • Salvage update.

      19 November 2023
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    Hi supporters

    Just a brief update.

    A wonderful team of helpers worked swiftly this morning to salvage some of Dalet's sentimental pieces of furniture from the house.

    These pieces are badly smoke damaged and covered in soot. They will need to be professionally cleaned and ozone treated before they can be used.

    This will be an expensive process, I have been informed and we will know more later in the week.

    In the meantime the furniture we got out is in safe storage.

    Your donations are going to be super important to Dalet being able to keep her precious salvaged items and to replace those things that have been lost for good.

    Thank you big time to Dissmol and Tinto for the loan of the truck that made the salvage operation possible ❤

    Thank you, thank you for all your support, please continue to share the link ❤❤❤

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