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DigiTautua - Giving students laptops

on 2 Oct 2021

Alenata asks

Hi, i am asking on behalf of my 5 kids two in high school and 3 in primary that we dont have any device to do their work during this time, since the last lockdown the school tell us that they gonna provide a device for the kids but till now nothing we get from them, so the kids a just do the hard copy that they give us, so i really happy if you can help us please.

Thank you.


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on 16 Sep 2021

Maryanna asks

Hi Digitautua,Is this the right website ?I want to know how to apply for a laptop for my kids?

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on 15 Sep 2021

Julia asks

Kia ora,

I am wanting to start a similar scheme for South Aucklanders but with washing machines.

It's heartbreaking looking at the places of interest & seeing laundromats. Washing machines are not a luxury item.

Do you know how I could do this?

Thank you so much & you're doing an amazing job,


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