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Dobbo's different kind of marathon

  • January 2020     7 January 2020
    Posted by: Olivia Blaylock
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    Thanks to everyone's generous support, Dobbo and his Mum (Janie) & Dad (Andrew) had a wonderful time at the Rugby World Cup, despite the All Blacks performance! The trip was a great distraction from Sam's diagnosis and was a chance to create some wonderful memories.

    On his return, Dobbo got straight into a round of 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy, as well as chemotherapy. Other than a small amount of hair loss, he is physically feeling very well. He's back training and working full time and it's especially great to have him back at Get Running!

    Dobbo sees the oncologist next week and then has a follow up MRI in late February to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

    Sam, Janie and Andrew have asked me to relay their extreme gratitude to you all - they have found the support and donations overwhelming and are so very appreciative.

    This page was meant to close tomorrow but I have kept it open (Dobbo will probably tell me off but I'll cope!) until after the MRI results in case we need to help with additional or alternative treatments, or if Dobbo needs to stop work again.

    Arohanui, Olivia.

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  • Dobbo's Epic Tokyo Adventure!     28 October 2019
    Posted by: Olivia Blaylock

    As you know Dobbo is a bit of a rugby nut and even though the All Blacks haven't made the final, Dobbo will!

    Thanks to everyone's support we've organised flights, accommodation and tickets to both the final and bronze finals, for Dobbo and Jane (Mum) & Andrew (Dad).

    During a hideous time, this is a chance for the Dobson family to create wonderful memories and for Dobbo to fulfill a lifetime dream - he's fizzing!

    While we have the costs for the trip covered, there will be more financial expenses during Dobbo's treatment when he returns to NZ so your ongoing support is much appreciated. Aroha nui.

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  • 25th October 2019     25 October 2019
    Posted by: Olivia Blaylock

    Dobbo had surgery on the 9th October to remove the tumour and while that went as good as it could have, sadly the pathology results have not been good. He has a grade 4 glioblastoma - the highest grade there is.

    Dobbo has started oral chemotherapy and will begin radiotherapy next week.

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