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Doc Pioneers for M.E.

  • Day #1 of 6 Complete!     1 December 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
    Main image

    Team 422 finished the Prologue route for the @ThePioneerNZ mountain bike ride today!

    Dr Richard Medlicott and his riding partner, James Scharf Jr, are expending serious effort to fundraise for our GP education programme this week.

    For those with ME/CFS, a mountain bike ride is not an activity option available to you. Know that these guys are doing this 6-day ride for you.

    Follow the race and Richard's and James's progress on: and

    For course details:

    #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #MEcfs #ChronicIllness #pwME #givealittle #ablebodiedalliesforME #MEawareness #millionsmissing #nzhealth #mtb #DocsRock

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  • DOUBLE your DONATION weekend!     16 November 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
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    Donate to our Givealittle Fundraiser this weekend and your gift* to M.E. Awareness NZ, for education opportunities for GPs, will be matched as part of our DOUBLE DONATION campaign!

    Thanks to some very generous supporters of people with ME, your donation will be DOUBLED* when you donate during this weekend right through to 9:30am Monday, 18th November 2019.

    *Your contribution ensures we can take advantage of the entire matching gift amount. The double match applies until a total donation cap is reached. This will provide critically needed funds to provide education for GPs on ME (#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis) so that #DocsRock when they are caring for people with ME.

    #MyalgicE #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #PwME #MECFS #20000MissingNZ #MEAwarenessNZ

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  • We want GPs to get the info they need to support people like Marcel     7 November 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
    Main image

    Most General Practitioner doctors in NZ have received no education about how to diagnose or manage the debilitating illness ME. We need that to change.

    When Natalie Akoorie, a reporter at the NZ Herald, heard about a young man living in a rest home with ME/CFS, she wanted to tell his story. Marcel has severe ME. He lives in a darkened room. He has not found GPs that understand his illness.

    This is his story...

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  • Over $10,000 raised :)     4 November 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
    Main image

    Isn't it wonderful what a crowd of people can do together! thanks to those that have been able to contribute <3

    This funding will help us to explore more educational options to help #DocsRock for people with ME/CFS.

    One of the actions we have lined up already is an exhibitor table at the Wonca 2020 conference hosted by the RNZCGP next April in Auckland. Over 1,000 GPs and other professionals are expected from within NZ and another 800 from around the Asia Pacific. We will have material, training information and quick reference lists to share with GPs and other Health Professionals - to help them diagnose and manage ME/CFS, and to consider other conditions that contribute, look similar or are comorbid.

    A second action in the early planning stages is the development of an online CME (continuing medical education) course for NZ GPs.

    Thanks for caring - from the estimated 20,000 people in NZ with ME/CFS.

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  • Check out the story in the NZ Herald about Richard's fundraising ride...     3 November 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
    Main image

    "We get taught about Multiple Sclerosis. We get taught about Motor Neurone Disease, but I've never been taught about ME or CFS."

    The Wellington doctor, and former medical director of the New Zealand College of General Practitioners, is raising money for a chronic illness that many in the medical profession know little about.

    + The article -

    + To find out more about MEcfs visit

    + Thanks to and reporter Natalie Akoorie. And to Richard!

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  • Blown away by your support!     3 November 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp
    Main image

    We are so grateful to those that have been able to support this campaign so far. Your donations will make a real difference for the General Practitioners /Family Doctors that support people with ME/CFS in NZ.

    Doctors are busy. They need easy access to information and evidence-based training - and we are going to help provide that!

    We have decided to remove our target funding goal, and let the wider community decide how much they want to support this fundraising campaign.

    The more funding we obtain, the MORE we can provide in the form of resources, guidelines, online continuing medical education material, and events.

    Enjoy this image from the fanzone for The Pioneer 2018 photo gallery...

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  • Same Fundraising purpose. Different page owner.      30 October 2019
    Posted by: Rose Camp


    It was a simple one.

    Open a bank account in the name of our collective "M.E. Awareness NZ" so that we could create an official Givealittle page.

    There was a small problem... we weren't an official entity yet (still working through that charity registration process!). But, no problem, we found a bank that said "YES"; they could open an account for us if we provided a range of paperwork. YAY!

    That was four weeks ago. Today, we expected to get access to the new bank account. DRUM ROLL!

    But... last minute the bank had to change their tune (something about new legislation requiring tighter controls?).



    Get one of our Steering Group members to host the fundraiser for our GP Education campaign. Is anyone thinking "why didn't you do that in the first place?"! Sshhh.


    Givealittle have been advised of this change to the 'page creator'. In the next day or two they will move this 'awaiting moderation' page from the Charity /Group category to a published Individual page.


    All donations will still be gratefully received and managed by the Steering Group of M.E. Awareness NZ. We have great plans for providing education about ME/CFS to GPs. Watch this space!

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

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