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Donate a meal for Auckland's un-homed community

  • Waitangi Day 2022

      6 February 2022

    This Sunday 6th February marks 182 years since our Māori Indigenous peoples signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi, a founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand’s legal system.

    In a contemporary society, principles of Partnership, Participation, Protection (& more) between Māori and the Crown are well-established under this framework.

    Article 3 of both Te Tiriti and The Treaty do not differ in “translation” and agree to protection, rights and benefits to Māori as British subjects.

    Why then, I ask, are the majority of people lining up this Waitangi Day for free food services, run by myself and partners in central Tāmaki Makaurau brown?

    You may secretly think “oh those people just need to take responsibility and get a job”, perhaps a job that enables them to pay for adequate housing as well as food. That is your prerogative to have any thought you wish of course.

    Tell me though, should these same individual responsibilities apply for children who are housing/food insecure?

    Given the undertakings of our founding legal documents, why are our Māori children still lining up at meals like ours for a human necessity, as well as presenting at a disproportionate rate within other national system failures intersecting with poverty?

    Stand with us to remind our government of protective human rights obligations grounded in article 3 of Te Tiriti/The Treaty this Waitangi weekend, and sign our petition.

    We seek laws to be changed to reflect those overseas that regulate or prohibit edible food waste going to landfill; instead being directed to those who are food insecure.

    We seek livable incomes and equal opportunities for all, with access to education and ability for healthy food growth.

    We seek protection of our most vulnerable by removing all obstacles to nutritious food for those who are food insecure.

    Please help us make this dream a reality by giving us a chance to present in the House of Representatives.

    Take 1 minute and sign our petition.


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  • New year, same problem

      6 January 2022

    Evening all,

    Hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday break.

    This year Sunday Blessings alongside continuing our service to the food and housing insecure peoples of Auckland we are utilising every resource we have to debate in parliament the fundamental human right of accessibility to food for children.

    We are teaming up with Commissioner's, Documentary makers and more to fight for accessibility to food for children regardless of their parents circumstances.

    If enough people sign our petition (created by AUT LLB students) we have to be given the floor, check out what documentary maker Bryan Bruce says about the right to food in relation to the Sunday Blessings petition here:

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  • Merry Christmas to all our fabulous donors

      2 December 2021
    Main image

    Kia orana,

    We made it! After 107 days in lockdown residents of Auckland from 11:59pm this evening are able to dine out this silly season.

    This impacts us here at Sunday Blessings hugely as after 15 weeks on bare minimum resources, relying on donations like yours and home cooking from Somervell Church & community members, our supply of rescued surplus food is back on the rise.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping keep us afloat. After 3.5 years serving the needs of those who are food insecure my conscious would not allow me to discontinue our service over lockdown, but I would not have been able to do it without all your help.

    A few updates I thought some of you may be interested in -

    1. Our Xmas meal is scheduled for 5-7pm, Sunday 19th Dec. If you’re interested in donating your time for this service you can sign up on our volunteer roster found at

    2. We are also part of a wider community meal Xmas service, 3-6pm on Friday 17th Dec working with 2 other groups I’m a part of - National Council of Women NZ and St Georges Rowing Club. If you’d like to get involved volunteering your time for the community there you can do so by emailing me on

    3. We are privileged to be the charity of choice for a fundraiser run by artist Deborah Crowe, who is also responsible for the fabulous “flower steps” in Freyberg Square at the moment. She is selling beautiful prints and 50% of the proceeds she is donating to Sunday Blessings. Last day to purchase is this Saturday 4th December and if you would be interested in this you can do so at the City Centre Market held in Freyberg square or here -

    4. Lastly, Sunday Blessings was a recipient of the 2021 Wāitemata Local Board Good Citizen’s award, Community Organisation category. We have always felt supported by the board in whole and it’s members past and present. I wanted to share this acknowledgement from the Wāitemata Local Board as well are happy our relationship is still strong.

    So that’s all from me, after 15 weeks of struggling to stay afloat it’s a huge relief to have pulled through it due to donations from yourselves and others.

    Meitaki Maata


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  • Tagata Pasifika feature

      30 October 2021

    Shot a few months ago.

    Thank you to partners Tender Love & Care who we couldn’t do this without as well.

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  • Vax pop up at Sunday Blessings

      30 October 2021
    Main image

    We are still working hard over lockdown to keep street whanau’s bellies full on a Sunday.

    Check out last week where I organised a vax station to come along and check everyone’s vaccination status and offer an opportunity to get protected.

    Thank you for your support in helping us stay afloat over lockdowns so we can offer services like this and more.


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  • Thank you

      27 September 2021

    To the donors who have given over lockdown, and after the select committee submission - thank you!

    Last night we had a lovely service where everyone left with an abundance of food, with one person saying she believed the fruit and veges she got would last her all week.

    We couldn’t keep afloat during lockdowns without your help so again thank you for supporting our community through Sunday Blessings.

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