Dr Matt Shelton is Not a Hero, Just a Doctor

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As a member of NZDSOS, Matt has been doing his best to provide information so that New Zealanders considering being vaccinated against Covid-19 can make their decision with informed consent. He has tried to hold onto his moral and ethical integrity and remain true to his promise as a doctor to first do no harm.

For putting the welfare of his patients first, he has been defamed, vilified and labelled as a dangerous spreader of misinformation by the NZ government and by the NZ Medical Council. His MOH contract has been terminated and the Medical Council has stated that his license to practice medicine is under threat. He had to leave his practice of 11 years and might never work as a doctor again. He remains passionate about human rights, and defending the agreements made between medicine and society since WW2. He will be actively challenging the actions against him using all means available.

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I am a friend and colleague and fellow member of NZDSOS.

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Court / Legal costs relating to his medical licence and and job termination.

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