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Elize West 14 yrs needs your support to beat leukemia

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Elize West, 14 yrs, has leukemia and needs your support to beat it. Any funds not needed will be donated to Starship.

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Elize West is a 14 year old student at Whangaparaoa College. Unfortunately Elize has recently been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). Elize’s doctors and family are positive about the treatment she is undergoing, but are in need of some support please. Elize’s mum, Traci, works at Whangaparaoa College. Traci has had to take time off work, and will need to take off more time. Elize is now losing her hair from chemotherapy and would really like to get a wig. As you can imagine, the family are struggling financially as well as emotionally and could use some help to buy a wig and other items to make Elize’s struggle a little less, and to help make their Christmas a little more special. Any funds donated that are not needed by Elize and her family will be donated to Starship Hospital. Please SHARE this with anyone you think would like to assist.

Use of funds:

Funds will be used for a wig and other items to help Elize's recovery journey more comfortable and possibly for treatment not funded. Also to financially assist the family over the Christmas period. Any funds not needed will be donated to Starship.

Page created by:

Lisa White


I am a friend and colleague of Traci West, and am Deputy Principal at the school at which Traci is employed and Elize is a student.

All funds raised benefit:

Elize West (Traci West's daughter)

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Traci West on behalf of Elize West (Traci West's daughter).
“Thanks to Karin & Katherine for buying more little hearts...”
“Proceeds from selling 38x little inspiring fabric hearts. Thanks to everybody who supported this and bought one (ore more).”
“Thinking of you Traci, Elize, Jacob and Lucas. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts for Elize's speedy recovery. x Michelle and Katie x”
“Wishing you all the best x”
“Wishing all the best for your daughters treatment and recovery xx”
“Wishing you all the very best for a speedy recovery! Thinking of you all xx”
“Keep being strong and remember your body is tough and can bounce back from all your treatment! Good on you for being brave through this time. Thinking of you all. xx”
“Wishing you a speedy recovery beautiful xxxx”
“Hope everything goes well for you!”
  • $7,393.00 donated
  • 124 generous donors

$7,393 donated

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