Ellas Continued Eye Issues

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Ensuring Ella’s vision for life

Christchurch, Canterbury

Meet Ella, unfortunately as some of you may know Ella has had issues with her eyes in the past with ulcers and then continued issues with dry eyes causing her second eyelid not to retract fully. This is something she’s continually suffering from.

After multiple visits in the last eight weeks which was made possible by donators on our previous page Ella’s eyes are sadly, not recovering and seem to be having a same re-occurring issue. 😓 Seeing an eye specialist and having treatment with potential surgery needed is hugely on the cards for her. This is something me, and I’m sure many others could not afford for their pets despite the love being out of this world. In saying this, as I’m sure again we all would I will be doing everything in my power to fundraise/save and come up with necessary funds to ensure Ella is able to see for the rest of her happy, spoiled, lazy days. 💕 If you’re able to help towards Ella’s cause, anything helps.

Any, and all funds not needed for Ellis treatment will be donated to a greyhound adoption agency

See our previous page for Ella here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/ellas-eye-treatment

Use of funds

This money will be used for Ella’s continuing specialist eye treatment and vet appointment costs.

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