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Ellas Eye Recovery

  • Ellas Eyes

      20 December 2023
    Main image

    Ellas eyes are healing so well! Her ulcers in her right eye are now fully cleared with the left now healing at a much more “expected rate”. She is on antiobiotic eyedrops for another week but should be well and good after another vet check and test! Photo below of the little madam relaxing, which she has been doing soo much of recently!! Not the she is at all complaining 😴😴 I just wanted to genuinely thank everyone so much for thier help and contribution to the success of Ella’s eyes and thier recovery. The messages, kind words and all your generous donations are appreciated more then words will be able to describe ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

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    • 21/12/2023 by Katrina

      Thank you for the update! I was wondering how well she had been doing, your message is the best ever Christmas present! Love and hugs to you both, Merry Christmas! X