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Closed Cause page created in the Animals category by Jasmine Hubber for "This money will be to buy 4 dairy cows and their unborn babies bound for slaughter "

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We urgently need your help!!!! Please donate to save the precious lives of these dairy cows and their unborn babies bound for slaughter.

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UPDATE: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! I am so so grateful for the amount of support we have received, I am completely blown away!!! We have almost raised enough to save all four of these precious lives from slaughter, we couldn’t do things like this without help from amazing people like you. Sadly 45 other innocent souls are being sent to the works tomorrow, I am so devasted but so grateful we are able to spare the lives of four. One lady has come forward and donated enough to save one of the girls and her unborn baby, this is simply incredible, we cannot thank her enough. These girls will be safetly transported here next week, we will share some photos as soon as we get them !! Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful.

NOTE: This is not a photo of the cows needing saved, we are unable to see them until next week so don’t have any photos of them. This is an image we have found which shows a herd of dairy cows in a truck bound for slaughter, with your help we will be able to spare 4 precious lives from this fate as well as their unborn babies they are carrying.

We urgently need you help!!! A herd of pregnant dairy cows are being sent to slaughter next week on Tuesday, these girls have spent their lives in a repeated cycle of pregnancy, birth, being separated from their babies and being milked. Due to their decline in production they are now being sent to slaughter where they will be sold for meat. They are $800 each. We are aiming to rescue six of these cows but have set the target at four cows as we are worried we will not make enough in time. Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Louise Mcnally, Eva Gough and I have been working together to figure out a plan for their rescue. Thankfully their owner has been kind enough to let us buy a few from his herd when it would be much easier for him if they were sent straight to the works.

Although we cannot save the whole herd, with your help we will be able to save some of the precious lives among this herd. If we rescue some of these beautiful girls we will not only be saving their lives but the lives of their unborn babies they are carrying. These girls will live here in North Canterbury along with our other rescued cows where they will learn to trust, they will be able to bask in the sun, receive endless amounts of love and live a life free of harm. When their babies are born they will be finally able to keep them, they will be able to grow and enjoy life together until their last days, as it should be.

If you can only place a few dollars towards their rescue it will make an impact, every bit counts. Every bit of support is greatly appreciated by many, whether it simply means keeping these girls in your thoughts. If you can donate, please do as it will mean life for these innocent beings.

All money raised will go towards saving them. Your help will mean life for them.

Thank you

Jasmine Hubber's involvement (page creator)

I have a small sanctuary and am working with some people to save these cows from slaughter and offer them a forever home here with our other rescued cows.

Use of funds

I am raising this money so I can buy these cows and bring them here to our sanctuary. All funds raised will go towards saving these dairy cows and their unborn babies bound for slaughter.

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Meet Eleanor!!!  26 April 2018

Posted by: Jasmine Hubber

Hello everyone 🐮

One of the precious girls arrived yesterday, we decided to name her Eleanor ❤️

She is so beautiful, she is not yet trusting of us but in time she will be. Once she knows we won’t cause her harm we will cut all her tags out (except her NAIT tag as that is required by law), she is not a number, an object or something, she is someone.

She is also carrying a baby, she is due on the 28th of August, we are so excited!! She will be able to finally keep her baby, as she is 11 years old she will have had around 9 babies taken from her in her life time, this baby will remain with her forever.

We are so in love already!! The rest of the girls will be arriving in a couple of weeks 🐮🌱

Thank you so much for all of your support 💪🏼

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 Apr 2018
Thank u jasmine x
Becky on 18 Apr 2018
It's soooo sad x
OC on 18 Apr 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Apr 2018
Yuet N.
Yuet N. on 18 Apr 2018
Here is a small gift to save one more cow and baby. I have myself 2 rescue cows only recently. One is from Christchurch through another vegan friend of mine, and the other is from Oamaru - the owner was moving to ChCh, and needed the cow gone before the 17 of this month, otherwise she would of ended up in the freezer!!!! She started out as a pet calf but was intended for the dinner plate later on!!!!! So we picked her up last week. Sadly I don't think I can take another poor soul with calf in tow, as I have also 15 old retired sheep on 35 acres of land. But so hope more poor mums can be saved from a horrible death. I feel so heartbroken :-(

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