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Equity Brilliant School for AIDS Orphans

  • New School Year for 2018 Underway

      24 February 2018
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    Thanks to everyone who has support Equity Brilliant school during 2017. The number of students have grow to over 100 pupils, that's 100 children who wouldn't receive education or social service support without Equity.

    The donations from philanthropic Kiwis (both through givealittle and markets stalls) have helped us embark on a new school year and even make some vital improvements around the school, including;

    1) A new school vegetable garden to contribute to the school's food programme,

    2) A new water tank which will help store water during the dry season,

    3) LED lights for the school house,

    While funding and resources are always limited, we truly hope that with grassroots support from the local community and generous Kiwis, we can give these children the opportunity they deserve for a better future.

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  • Checking in

      22 July 2017
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    Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. There has been a lot going on at the school... including work on the new school house which allows us to expand the role to over 100 this school year and the sponsorship of a scholarship programme for the top students to attend high school once they leave us. The expanded role does put added pressure on the food and health programmes, which makes every donation ever more critical. To see what else have been going on at the school please have a look at our facebook page or website (

    Lynn can still be found at the Silverdale market each week, tirelessly fundraising. If anyone would like to help fundraise with us please feel welcome to contact us (

    Thanks again for everyone's help and we hope to continue supporting this great little school.

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