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Eva's dying wish: Support for sexual assault survivors

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Hi, I'm Eva. I'm 16 years old & dying of cancer. In the time I have left I'm asking for your help to end sexual violence & support survivors

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Hello! My name is Eva. I’m 16 years old, and have terminal cancer. My mission in life has always been to help people and getting cancer just made me want that even more.

I run a campaign called EvasWish that aims to provide a platform for young people to become successful activists and to teach them how to actively campaign for something they believe in. Our vision of success is this: to create a world where I feel safe leaving my loved ones without me being there to protect them.

The issue that is close to my heart is stopping sexual violence and supporting survivors.

When you know your days are numbered, it really makes it clear what matters to you. Sure, I could pin my hopes on meeting my favourite actress, or travelling the world.

But what I really want is to make a positive difference that will still be helping people’s lives after I am gone – to give more in life than that I have taken.

You might be wondering why someone so young is passionate about sexual violence. You wouldn’t think that such a serious issue is something that the average 16 year old even has to think about. But that’s just not true.

You see, I’ve seen first-hand just how destructive sexual violence is. It breaks my heart to have to tell you that most of my friends have been sexually assaulted.

There’s something you can do that would make a huge difference for sexual abuse survivors. You can donate to HELP today.

\When you've been sexually assaulted, you need long-term support to recover and heal. Our loved ones need trained counsellors to help our traumatised friends and family heal, recover, and reclaim their lives.

Will you make my wish for a safer NZ come true by donating to HELP today?

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HELP is there for literally thousands of children, teenagers, and women when they’re needed most. HELP caters for most of Auckland - that's nearly 1 million people. And they can't do it without people like you supporting them.

HELP’s counsellors attend emergency call-outs at all hours of the day. They’re there to hold your hand, tell you what to expect in the days and weeks to come, and support you as you go through medical examinations, police interviews, and through the court system. HELP also works hard every day to end sexual violence. With your help, one day our children won't have to live in fear.

But they don’t stop there. HELP’s team give you the time and space you need to heal. HELP specialises in sexual abuse trauma therapy – helping you rebuild your shattered life.

Please show me that there are people in NZ who care about lovely people like my friends. Who care about the 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys who are sexually abused. Who will do what it takes to end this epidemic.

With all my loves and hopes for a New Zealand that is safe for all of its children,


“Well done for championing such a fantastic cause and good luck with making your target. You really are an amazing young lady.”
“What an amazing woman”
“Good luck!”
“Fully support this brilliant idea for online support to victims of sexual assault.”
“Best wishes to you Eva, and thank you for doing this.”
“What a brave and incredible woman you are Eva. Sending you much love and support on every part of your journey. Thank you for advocating for sexual abuse survivors and supporting HELP through this page. Arohanui x”
“For Lauren for Eva - you're both amazing!”
“Nice one Lozzie. x”
“So proud of you Bree”
  • $30,835.00 donated
  • 463 generous donors

$30,835 donated


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