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Ex jockey facing biggest hurdle ever.

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I was diagnosed with leukaemia late last year. I started this page after a close friend saw my current situation and suggested givalittle.

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My name is Eddie Lamb, I was a jockey for the major part of my adult life. Toward the end of last year I was admitted to Hamilton hospital with fractured tibia and fibula after a fall from a young horse I was riding for a friend. On waking after having a plate inserted to help repair my leg I was told they had found abnormalities in my blood tests,after more tests and a biopsy I was diagnosed with Chronic Myloid Leukaemia. Since being diagnosed I have undergone chemotherapy treatment and have remained under specialized treatment with regular blood tests to monitor cancer levels in my blood. The side effects of the medication have me in constant pain with swelling of whatever joint it chooses from week to week.On bad days I cant butter a piece of bread or walk depending on where it is

Since that day I've been unable to work, I have been through my savings, no longer have a vehicle and had to move in with friends and family because of my situation. All donations and/or funds given will be greatly appreciated and go toward

helping to regain my independence ,helping toward a vehicle and a place to live closer to my specialists than I am now. Thank you ever do much to anyone that helps me out.

Use of funds

Funds will go towards a vehicle to travel to and from hospital, and permanent accommodation, and savings that I can call upon when needed.

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Posted by: Eddie Lamb

Late in 2018 I was diagnosed with CML, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia,I was told then that there is now medication for treating CML and with treatment 98% diagnosed can lead a almost normal life. It turned out I was one of the 2% that did not respond to the medications. Specialists informed me that sadly it was not my silver bullet. Since then every chemotherapy and other medications that has been tried has been unable to curb the production of the rogue cancer cells in my body. Each new drug they tried, the cancer built up an immunity to it and was virtually unstoppable. I could feel my health deteriorating as time went by.The leukemia progressed from Chronic to Acute. In September last year I started taking Hemp based CBD oil twice daily on the advice of friends. Within a month my levels had dropped to a point they thought they were under control. My specialist couldn't believe the turnaround and told me whatever i've been doing or taking keep doing it because it's working. I felt my body,my mindset, everything improving.I felt I was given another chance at life. Then on January 1st this year, The government made the purchasing of CBD oil illegal unless it is purchased from the government provider and with a doctors prescription. Unsubsidised and at the ridiculous price of $88.00 for a 25ml bottle. That is about the amount I was taking per day. So since then it has been financially unattainable and my health has been declining noticeably. All test have shown my levels on the rise again. The only way I will be able to go back to using CBD oil as treatment will be through this givealittle platform. Any donations will be graciously and gratefully received.

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Gina on 15 Feb 2021
Stay strong, I’m sorry I cannot give more...
Eddie Lamb

Thankyou for your kindness. Wishing you all the the happiness in your life. Eddie.

Eddie Lamb
Leigh on 24 Aug 2020
Hope it helps a little mate...stay strong.
Eddie Lamb

Thank you so much for your generosity. Much appreciated.

Eddie Lamb
Donna on 24 May 2019
Wishing you strength.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Apr 2019
What a guy
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 05 Apr 2019

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