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Buy me a vagina

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Given by 68 generous donors in around 5 months

Please help me surgically alter my genitalia. See below for detailed notes on why this is a good idea.

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Okay, this is a pretty unique Givealittle but hear me out. I'm transgender. I don't like what I've got downstairs. It causes me distress, and I'd like to renovate. Surgery costs a lot and at the rate I'm going I will be saving well into next year before I have enough $$$. I'm totally willing to do that because that's what I have to do, but also if I could speed that process up and move my surgery date forward it would make life a lot easier for me.

I wasn't really keen to make a Givealittle at first, because I thought well it's my problem and why should anybody help, but actually a lot of people have suggested I do it, and who am I to deny them the chance to fund invasive surgery to change my P into a V.

Righto. Obviously I'm not just going to ask you for money and leave it at that. Here are some great reasons why you might donate:

1. you've probably never funded somebody's new vagina before

2. you could own a share in one of Christchurch's upcoming hot spots

3. get better work stories

4. I'll send you some choice pics of Thailand

5. I can wear more revealing things (actually this will probably deter you from donating)


1. you won't have to see me for a month while I'm in Thailand

2. I'll stop talking about how I'm getting/saving for a vadge that much sooner

3. if you don't like me this might be a great way to cause me pain (the surgery is painful, surprisingly)

If you think this is a little too frivolous to be donating money too, that's cool. I'm not amped about asking people for money, but it is what it is.

Use of funds

Funds will be used to travel to Chonburi in Thailand and pay for my surgery with Dr Suporn (one of the best surgeons in the world for this)

This will cost around $25,000.

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Naomi on 01 Sep 2017
Karin on 25 Aug 2017
Hey sister here's a little more to get you on your way x
Keith on 19 Jul 2017
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Guest Donor on 10 Jul 2017
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Jul 2017

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