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Professional mental health care for abuse victims and mentally ill

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Raising money to support ongoing protests to get professional treatment care rehab & safe homes for abused mentally injured & mentally ill

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Disability Protest Equality

After six years of protesting about the appauling abusive state of mental health care for abuse victims and mentally ill people I can no longer afford to continue and need all those people who say they support me on the street and through social media to give a little.

I write poetry, plays and songs, protest and chalk on the street - also in the faces of those people with power that deny so many the health care and justice they are entitled to under ACC, health, criminal, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws.

My living situation is dire, my past 9 flatmates have all stolen from me, victimized me and traumatised me even more. I am so frightened it will happen again that I'm very unwell and can't move again (nowhere to move to in the Wairarapa) after the severe stress of moving four times last year. I need somewhere safe and affordable to continue my activism, develop my art and help me be the most effective voice for myself and others that I can. Help me get the care I need so I can heal and return to work.

Protesting is the only thing that makes me feel like a 'normal' human being, it empowers me when I am made to feel worthless and powerless. It is important to get to Wellington which is over an hour by train because that is where the people who make decisions about me and others are made. It is my focus to speak truth to power, to tell the people in these buildings that the poverty/inequality they talk about is harming society, causing violence, mental illness, addiction and suicide.

I am a Civil Society Actor as defined by the United Nations. I not only protest on the streets I make submissions to select committees and organisations dealing with violence and abuse, meet with leaders of our community and sing my heart out about the pain so many of us are in. This requires ink, paper, paint, internet access, a healthy diet, car, attending seminars/university lectures, etc.

I have contacts throughout New Zealand and the world and keep informed on all matters relating to inequality, violence/abuse, mental health care for people with stress disorders, suicide and human rights in developed countries. I write and phone people through NZ finding out information, telling them what I know and what they can do, or what they havn't done. I don't just complain I have the solutions as well, based on scientific evidence. law and what I have learnt.

Like many rotting on welfare with mental health issues I just want to be safe, have a job where I use my talents, that is appropriate for me and be valued by my community, friends and family. Your financial support will help me achieve this - not just for myself but for other people in a similar position.

My protests include non-violent civil disobedience, where I attempt to face the people I know are harming so many - educate them and show them the suffering they create. I truly believe if people like Paula Bennett, Anne Tolly, John Key etc knew the damage they were causing they would stop and help people rather than inflicting more degradation and fear.

I have been acquitted of four charges of wilful trespass this year and am currently in court again for a legal protest. Because of law changes I now have to pay back legal aid so am forced to represent myself which is almost impossible when my stress disorder is severe. Please help me be the best person I can be so I can get the health care and justice so many poor disabled and suicidal people like myself desperately need.

Kia kaha to us all.

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Jayne Routhan


We are committed to non-violent activism through poetry, music, and art by direct action and speaking truth to power - on human rights and health care issues for people disabled by abuse and trauma; on climate change; injustice; inequality; poverty; neo-liberalism and more

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jayne Routhan.

  • $41.00 donated
  • 4 generous donors

$41 donated

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