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Fighting rare cancer with her brain damaged baby girl

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Rizwana and Alisha both need your generous help with the financial costs of fighting cancer and looking after a brain damaged little girl.

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Dear world, we need to share a little but urgent tale with you...

It is of a single mother and her two beautiful children. Alisha is 3 (her brother Aabir is aged 5). Alisha is like any other little girl - loved and adored by those that know her. Sadly unlike most her age, she suffered a terrible traumatic brain injury at birth as a direct consequence of medical misadventure leaving her brain damaged. Furthermore she has severe cerebral palsy and is thus fully dependent on her amazing mother for everyday needs requiring round the clock care. She is non-verbal and has auditory, sensory and swallowing delays. Alisha is unable to mobilise as she is wheelchair bound. In addition to this she suffers with cortical vision impairment, spastic quadriplegia, thermo-disregulation of her body and myclonic spasms and seizures. But that doesn’t make her any less adorable.

What makes this story uniquely heart-breaking is that Alisha and her brother face the prospect of losing their beloved mother. Our dear friend, Rizwana, received devastating news this past January that she has only 18 months to live. The range of emotions is too many and too painful to even attempt to articulate in writing here.

She has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive genetic form of cancer. It is a large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma that originated from her ovaries, but has now metastasized, spreading to adjacent organs including her lymph nodes. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, of which unpleasant side effects impact on her physical and mental well-being. Apart from chemotherapy, which is the only current treatment for her cancer, we as her community of friends are seeking other supportive therapeutic modalities to boost her immune system to try and improve the quality of her life. This includes, but is not limited to undergoing intravenous vitamin-C injections, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hydrogen therapy and taking natural supplements to support her body. Accessing these supplementary avenues comes at significant cost. Needless to say, any improvement of her health and well-being is crucial for her to be able to continue caring for her young and very dependent children.

During this difficult time, it has been evermore challenging for Rizwana to give Alisha the complete care and attention she needs. As a result, Alisha's epileptic seizures have multiplied, and the medications she has been prescribed resulted in severe side effects that impacted on her overall health. This took the light and smile out of this naturally happy girl. As for any mother facing this terrible plight, Rizwana is desperate to try and explore further resources and therapies to help her beautiful daughter develop to her greatest potential in a safe and controlled environment. These include chiropractic care, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, stem cell therapy and private intensive physiotherapy both here in New Zealand and possibly abroad.

Rizwana is one of the bravest women we know who is giving it her all to fight on two fronts now.

The world is at a point where we are perhaps all finding ourselves facing a multitude of challenges in our own lives – but we hope and pray that most of us have our health – something that perhaps is the one blessing we take for granted amidst the turmoil in the background. The spirit of global love and humanity is what we need to channel together to help each other and our communities more so than ever right now.

However, we humbly implore you for a little bit extra– and to join us in this equally tremendous fight and support this cause which we only hope you will feel is as worthy as we do. We thank you sincerely from the bottom of our breaking hearts.

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We are Rizwana’s close and concerned friends helping raise the money on her and baby Alisha’s behalf

Use of funds

Money will solely be used for Rizwana&Alisha toward therapies, private clinic appointments, supplements, organic food items and anything related to improving the quality of both their lives in relation to cancer treatments and Alisha’s health respectively.

Latest update

A dying mother’s final request  24 May 2020

Posted by: Baitul ilm playgroup

It is with great sadness that we have to deliver the heart breaking news of Rizwana’s passing a few hours ago.

She fought bravely to the end - with her angelic smile ever present no matter how much pain she was in.

Her one wish was always for her baby girl Alisha to be independent.

To this end we are the doubling efforts to get her the most appropriate therapies to help her achieve her mother’s dreams and to support her ongoing medical needs.

Amidst the sorrow right now, we cannot begin to express the gratitude and love for every single person around the world who has supported this and we continue to thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

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    Best wishes, may you continue to find strength in continue your good deeds.


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    my very best wishes for your ongoing support for this family and building independence for Alisha.


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$88,861 of $120,000 goal

Given by 1332 generous donors in 9 weeks

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