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Help Wellington's birds! Support Flock Bird Care Network in supporting volunteers rescue and rehabilitate injured birds. Donate now! 🌿


Welcome to Flock Bird Care Network! We're a passionate volunteer group dedicated to rescuing injured wildlife and addressing the need for a comprehensive solution to the current issues in Wellington bird rehabilitation. We believe that every bird deserves a chance at a healthy life. That's why we've come together to create Flock.

Our overarching goal is to establish a helpline and email service that will serve as a lifeline for the public, providing a platform to report wildlife in need of urgent veterinary care or rescue. But we aim to do much more than that.

With your support, we’ll build crucial partnerships with local veterinary clinics, rescues and rehabilitators. We’ll foster a community of knowledge sharing among rehabilitators and volunteers, reducing the burden on professionals.

We plan to host regular workshops in basic bird care education, equipping our volunteers with adequate skills to provide immediate assistance and alleviate the burden on veterinarians and rehabilitators.

We want to ensure that birds in need receive the care they deserve, that cruelty and dumping are combated effectively, and that education and training become important foundations of wildlife health in our region.

But we can't do this alone - we need your help to bring this vision to life.

Donate today and be a part of the Flock that's making a difference!

- Founders Rachael and Nyssa

Use of funds

Your donation fuels Flock's mission to open a wildlife helpline, build partnerships, and educate volunteers. Any extra funds will be used to expand our outreach and support more injured wildlife. Join us in this vital cause!

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Chelsea on 02 Oct 2023
Tom on 01 Oct 2023
Rhianna on 01 Oct 2023
I'm tomtit-ally excited about this! Such a fan(tail)
Aidan on 01 Oct 2023
In the beginning there was only the word, and the word was bird

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