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  • Submission made to Select Committee in support of petition

      20 May 2020

    Hi everyone,

    This week we sent a submission to the transport and Infrastructure Select Committee in support of the petition on keeping e-scooters etc off footpaths that we presented to Tracey Martin in December. Now the Committee will ask the Ministry of Transport Agency to respond and may then ask us to appear at the Committee to answer questions or elaborate on points we've made or respond to comments made by the Ministry/Agency. Not sure when this will be.

    On a closely related note, we also have just sent in a big submission on the Accessible Streets Package which is proposing to allow anyone of any age ride bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and many other types of low-powered transport devices on the footpath. Obviously we opposed those proposals.




    Convener of Footpaths4Feet

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  • Inaccessible Streets proposed

      9 March 2020

    Today the Government released what it calls the Accessible Streets Package. However, from a pedestrian perspective, it should really have called it the Inaccessible Streets Package. They have redefined classes of vehicles to get rid of absurd anomalies with the current classification system and so they could be regulated differently. But then they goes and regulates them all virtually the same and allows all of them - mobility scooters through unpowered (skateboards etc) and powered transport devices (e-scooters etc) to all types of bike and e-bike whether ridden by child or adult - to be used on footpaths. This is worse they we imagined it would be. Submissions close on 21/4/2020 - we'll need to get lots in. The document is at

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  • Footpath4feet legal action

      26 February 2020

    Hi everyone,

    We are entering the next phase of our efforts to keep footpaths safe for walkers and disabled people using mobility devices. We are now focussing on this and need your help to fund the case.

    Thanks. F4F

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