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For My Mum, A Medical Refugee

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Mum Eva a medical refugee, coming from a country where there is literally no cancer treatment. Please help us fund her treatment.

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My mum, Eva Wagapu, is a thoughtful and generous 61 year old woman from the Solomon Islands who is absolutely full of life. She was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. I am her daughter, a proud New Zealander, who is married to a New Zealander and raising two beautiful daughters (5 & 7 yrs old) in Taranaki, New Zealand.

Mum worked until recently as a Women's Development Officer for the Solomon Islands Ministry of Women, Children and Family Affairs, a position she held for over 40 years. She has also been a member of the ACWW, the Associated Country Women of the world since 1979. She has devoted much of her life to improving the lives of women and girls in imporverished rural areas and at the same time she has been the most wonderful mum to her four kids.

She spent alot of time over the last few years providing home care in the Solomons for my Dad, who suffered from chronic kidney disease while she continued her work at the Ministry. Because dad was unable to secure adequate treatment in the Solomons, he died of renal failure in March of last year.

During the time my Dad was ill, Mum neglected her own health and didnot seek medical care in the Solomons until mid, last year. When she finally did see doctors at the Central Hospital in Honiara, they told her that she had gynecological problems that they did not have the resources to treat; they gave her panadol and told her to go home.

I'm hoping with all my heart that my mum can be the recipient of the generosity of the New Zealanders and others in the world who read this post.

We all know that it is a just a simple twist of fate that has each of us being born or living in one part of the world as opposed to another, and there is a shockingly poor level of care in the Solomons for many illnesses that are routinely treated in more developed countries such as New Zealand. Despite her not wanting to impose on my family, we convinced her to travel to New Zealand in order to arrange a thorough medical assessment of her condition. My family paid "out of pocket" costs for doctor visits and testing, and the results indicate that mum has localized cervical cancer, very serious for sure, but treatable. With proper treatment that would involve radiotherapy and chemotherapy she could have a greater than 60% chance of survival for at least 5 years. With the array of advanced immunocological treatments that are increasingly available for the treatment of cervial cancer, many women with this condition are living much longer. Mum has always had such a positive attitude and been willing to face any challenges head on and I want her to be one of those women.

As mentioned above, Iam a proud New Zealander, and I also retain generally positive feelings for the country of my birth, the Solomon Islands; however, I cannot accept the fact that if my mum returns home, she will recieve no care for her illness and die simply because the Solomon Islands is an incredibly poor country that lacks the ability to provide adequate care for many seriously ill citizens either in-country or via any other country in greater Oceania.

Mum is, essentially, a medical refugee, and I am asking each one of you who loves his or her mother to consider donating whatever you can to help us pay the out of pocket cost of treatment for her condition. Iam desperately pursuing any and all avenues available to help save my mum and give her the longer and healthier life that she richly deserves.

If anyone has knowledge about other resources in our community (clinical trials, legal loopholes, private foundation grants, pharmaceutical company initiaitves, etc.) that would help our efforts, please advise me; because I love my mum and want my daughters to grow up and learn from the love and wisdom of their grandmother.


Noelyn Wagapu-Tuza

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Eva Wagapu is my Mother

Use of funds

We want to use the money for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If our plans to do this a not feasible or successful, any money raised will go to palliative care for my mum, and any unused funds will be given to a foundation for cancer treatment or research.

Latest update

Very Sad News  6 July 2020

Posted by: Noelyn Wagapu-Tuza

It is with a heavy heart that I would like to share with you the news that my beloved mum has died in Hospice Taranaki, New Plymouth, on the 24th of June 2020. I would like to sincerely thank all of my mum's and my friends who contributed to this Give a Little page, and I would particularly like to thank those of you who did not know Mum or me, but still opened up your hearts and wallets for her.

Due to mum's passing I have decided to close this page for donations at the end of this month.

I once again thank you all for your donations over the last few months in supporting mum.

God Bless you all.

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Latest donations

  • Marie

    Marie on 06 May 2020


    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Bird family


  • Carol

    Carol on 30 Apr 2020


    God bless and continue to take care of your health and wellbeing. Tinaleto qetena.


  • Christine

    Christine on 12 Apr 2020


    Hi, thinking of you Noe and Simon. Sending you prayers and love.


  • Timoly

    Timoly on 10 Apr 2020


    To Aunty Eva God bless you and keep you. May God makes His Face shine upon you. As we look to the cross for His blood shed for us all, let His blood be redeemed for you. Be healed through His grace and through His blood. Tataru aunty Eva....


  • Rachel & Gavin

    Rachel & Gavin on 04 Apr 2020


    Noe, praying for you and the family as you continue to pursue every opportunity possible for Mum. With love.


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$4,603 donated

Given by 33 generous donors in around 4 months

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