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For our loved ones in Tonga

  • Their thank you video

      19 February 2022

    Here is their thank you.

    To our French speaking friends, you should be able to understand, Mavae speak slowly.

    Let me know if you want a complete translation 🤗

    They thank you a lot and love you 😍

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  • Happy!!!

      19 February 2022
    Main image

    Thanks from the family 🤗

    We send the money you generously gave for them and the first thing they did was to buy a freezer, the most important appliance in their kitchen!

    I will try to send the video with their thank you.

    Also, we are happy to annonce that they finally received the drum we sent a month ago!

    All this is immensely helping them to make their life easier.

    So a big thank you to you all again 🤗🥰♥️

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  • A big thank you!

      11 February 2022

    We are so grateful for your kindness and support.

    Since they haven’t received any goods yet due to the unfortunate Covid episode, the money collected is going to be a real relief.

    Hopefully it will be send next week, we re waiting for the payment now.

    So thank you again from the bottom of our heart.

    You are amazing!

    Laurence & Soane

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