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The Force Field Film Challenge!

  • The Force Field Film Challenge!

      20 December 2019

    Hi friends,

    We have decided to donate the funds raised on this page to the Red Cross who are working in Samoa to help people affected by the measles outbreak there.

    Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Measles Outbreak

      14 December 2019

    Dear supporters,

    This is to let you know that due to the Measles outbreak in Samoa, and the devastating effect it has had on the community there, the New Zealand Skeptics Society has decided to wrap up our fundraising campaign for The Force Field Film Challenge, and instead donate all funds raised so far to a charity or charities directly supporting the people of Samoa.

    We feel that our plan to raise awareness about herd immunity through vaccination in New Zealand, although admirable, was going to require a huge effort and take some time to accomplish, and we felt we could make a more immediate and positive impact by directly donating the funds instead.

    A big heart-felt thank you to all who supported us, encouraged us, and donated.

    More information to follow.

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  • The Force Field Film Challenge! - Givealittle

      7 September 2019

    Hi everyone.

    Due to the recent measles outbreaks in Canterbury and Auckland, and the media coverage of the topic, we feel it's time to re-open this fundraising effort.

    In the background we have been working hard to secure funding from charitable organisations, but we still have a way to go to reach our goal.

    We still need your help.

    We hope you will continue to support our mission to launch this national film competition to make "herd immunity" a topic of conversation and motivation for vaccination across New Zealand!

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