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Fostering behaviours of belonging

  • What do the youth have to say?

      26 May 2022
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    We interviewed Mount Aspiring College (MAC) rangatahi to understand their thoughts on the importance of freshwater (wai māori) and who is responsible for protecting it.

    "I want to protect the water so that the people after us... can come down and hang out next to the lake in it. So it's a beautiful place." - Anataia, MAC student.

    Creating opportunities for rangatahi to talk about their connection with the local environment and actively participate in protecting it is key for the future of our community.

    "I think that we're all responsible for protecting freshwater. It's up to all of us to do what we can and as much as we can to protect it" - MAC student

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  • Our kids love learning

      18 May 2022

    WAI Wānaka will develop locally aligned teacher resources across

    the environmental themes of wai (water), whenua (land), and taiao

    (the natural world). These resources, as well as workshops and

    events facilitated by WAI, will lay the foundation for learning both

    in and outside of the classroom.

    Resources will be brought to life with:

    - Case studies within walking distance,

    - Community based learning and action opportunities,

    - Exploring connections around urban land use, tourism

    and recreation, pest flora and fauna and climate change.

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