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Two Organists, Two Islands: Bring the tour to a Care Home in your region

  • The wheels are rolling again!!

      12 July 2020
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    It took a week to get the truck repaired after its encounter with a low hanging tree in Wellington. It was a stressful time for All involved, but as usual, the support from many of those involved, and some new friends got the truck back on the road.

    Special mention here to Paul and Jill Ewing - Your support has been unbelievable.

    Hirepool, thanks for the assistance with the Small trucks to move our gear in and out of Storage.

    Special thanks to the team at MF King who did everything they could to get us on the road as quickly as possible. You guys have been fantastic.

    Morgan Whitfield, Chris Gee, Grant Ellis, Sarah Waterman, Kemp English, Mark Patterson, and many others, Thank you for your hard work getting it all back together again!

    The Tour is now on the road, and we Even have a special Guest joining Kemp English on the Organ. Yuka Eguchi, The assistant concertmaster of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra!!

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  • The wheels have come to a temporary halt!

      5 July 2020
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    The Truck has hit an unfortunately placed tree on a wellington road that appears to have been forgotten about by the local council. Very unfortunate.

    Upon impact, this upset some of the equipment in the back, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The body of the truck was the most significant damage. This has required us to take all the equipment off the truck to facilitate engineers to straighten the box, which has moved quite drastically.

    Our hope is to be back on the road by around the 8th of july if possible.

    An article with more details courtesy of the Wellington Dominion post can be found here:

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  • Proud to be supported by Creative New Zealand

      31 May 2020
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    The team were so excited to be awarded major sponsorship from Creative NZ. This will go a long way in providing for the people and equipment we need.

    Thanks creative NZ. You rock!!

    Due to this and other sponsorship, we are now half way to our goal. Lets see how many people can share the link to our give a little page, or tell their friends to raise the last bit that we need.

    We are hoping to roll next sunday!

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  • how the money will be used

      23 May 2020

    We are hoping to raise $200,000 through a mix of donations, private funding, and sponsorship through donations of technical equipment, trucks, LED screens, accomodation, and many other ways of helping this project

    Thanks to Paul at Ewing Poultry, we already have a south island truck.

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