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Please Support our Appeal to SAVE OUR WAI

  • High Court Here We come!

      19 December 2019

    Hi all, we have had our decision come through as this article explains but I would like to clarify the last paragraph that our options are not limited to just refining conditions.

    We also have a strong case to take to the High Court.

    Sustainable Otakiri agrees wholeheartedly with the view that this expansion should have been publicly notified as this is an industrial scale expansion that will severely impact Tauranga city councils ability to plan for future rates and roading requirements.

    By allowing a creep on existing resource consents to such an astronomical degree without public consultations would be devastating to our local traffic woes.

    And could set a dangerous precedent for consent applications across the country.

    Not only that, we have worked hard to raise awareness of the massive plastic production this business will cause and we are willing to keep up the good fight.

    As such we call on the public to fund us, tell us if you will support our view that we need to appeal in the High Court.

    Tell them your voice matters, support us and if we raise enough funds we will carry this all the way, as it stands our legal bills are already mounting.

    If you're opposed to the public not being consulted on the actual long term affects and the massive increase in trucking this would allow (without consultation) into Tauranga- Please donate.

    If you are opposed to 3.7million single use plastic bottles being produced in our region every single day (where they produced none before) - Please donate.

    If you think that companies who apply to produce massive quantities of plastic should be required to take financial responsibility for the whole life of what they produce. - Please Donate.

    See this extract from the following article.

    "Environment commissioner David

    Kernohan disagreed with the findings of

    his colleagues and said he was of the

    opinion that the water take application

    and variation to land-use conditions

    applied for should be declined.

    ''l recognise that mine is the minority

    view,'' said Kernohan.

    He said his concerns were not about the

    water take but rather the adverse effects

    on the environment of the end use of the

    plastic bottles manufactured on-site and

    that the resource application should have

    been considered as industrial and

    therefore be a non-complying activity

    with wider public notification."

    We will be setting up a Pledge me page to raise the first $35,000 we will require in the coming days or you can deposit here to help with our immediate mounting legal costs.

    #nomoreplastic #notournz #notourfuture #water #environment #breakingnews #saveourwai

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  • Court Appeal Heard - Decision Awaited!

      18 June 2019

    Kia ora

    Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who has donated, for your help in getting us to Court to challenge the expansion of Otakiri Springs - we really, truly couldn't do it without you.

    The Hearing lasted a whole week and included Te Runanga o Ngati Awa's appeal against the water permit granted by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

    Both Council's and Cresswell NZ defended the granting of the consents.

    We spent a day and half at Mataatua Marae hearing the iwis' case. That was the highlight of the Hearing - Ngati Awa's hospitality was impressive and it was reassuring to see the passion for protecting te mauri o te wai. Also, their evidence and legal submissions were compelling.

    From our perspective the hearing went well and we have given the Panel a lot to consider - as have Ngati Awa - but we obviously can't draw any conclusions at this point.

    Judge Kirkpatrick has said we can expect the Decision within 3 months so we'll give you another update within that timeframe and as soon as we hear from the Court.

    We still have huge bills to pay and a shortfall of funds available, so we need to keep fundraising.

    If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch with us at

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  • Quiz Night Fundraiser A Great Success!

      4 February 2019

    What an amazing turn out we had for our first Quiz Night! Some amazing prizes were donated by local businesses as well as individuals.

    We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community around us and supporting us as we head towards our Court case which has been set down for this May.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated so far - your help is MUCH APPRECIATED :)

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