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Gaye Fisher needs her “Village”

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    Waverley asks

    Hi :) I am involved in supporting a petition to double the Pharmac medicine budget and wondered if your family might be happy to sign and promote it to your networks? A link is below,

    This is a link to a recent Facebook post -

    The aim of this petition is to help Kiwi's like Gaye get the medicines they need, and raise the volume on this issue ahead of the 2020 budget and next year's election. The more signatures we can get, the bigger the impact.

    Warm Regards


    on 26 Sep 2019

    This question has not been answered yet.

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    David asks

    Hello, this drug is available much cheaper in generic for as Osicent made by Incepta Pharma in Bagladesh.

    This the real thing, made possibe because Bangladesh has a poor country exemption from patents. You can order it from their official facebook page - just comment and they reply - and pay by Western Union. Not $11,000 per month but several hundred only. I researched this for a sick friend so will pass to you also.

    on 19 Feb 2019

    • Wendy Kingsbury


      David - thank you so much for taking the time to contact us. I have forwarded your suggestion to the family, who also thank you, and they will do some research.

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