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Gaye Fisher needs her “Village” - Updates - Givealittle

  • Cancer treatment working     2 August 2019
    Posted by: Wendy Kingsbury

    Hi everyone - an update on our warrior!

    Gaye has had the extraordinary news that the cancer treatment she is purchasing from Australia is having a favourable effect on her in as much as the tumours on her brain have shrunk ever so slightly. This has prompted a new push to keep purchasing the medication at $11,000 a month and a new story regarding cancer patients having to purchase drugs from overseas is to be published in the Christchurch paper tomorrow 3rd August. Gaye is so grateful to all you wonderful people who have donated and hope this publicity will stimulate a new burst of generosity.

    Thank you from Gaye and her family

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  • A day for celebration!     25 June 2019
    Posted by: Wendy Kingsbury

    Hi there. Gaye has just had an MRI on the tumors on her brain and was to see the oncologist next week for the results, however the oncology nurse was obviously too excited about the result she phoned Gaye today to say the tumors have shrunk slightly. This is a remarkable result and suggests that the drug she and her partner Max are funding from their mortgage is having an effect. How good would it be to be able to help extend her life a few more months!

    Gaye Max and family again thank you all for helping thus far and they are looking at new ways to help fund the drug.

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  • Medication Started     19 February 2019
    Posted by: Wendy Kingsbury

    I know I have already said this but Gaye has told me how blown away and humbled she has been with the amazing response to her plight.

    Gaye started the drug Osimertinib on Sunday and when speaking with her yesterday she told me she had had a fabulous day - I’m sure this is because she is now DOING something to help herself.

    It’s YOUR help that has made this possible and we now have enough in the GiveALittle fund to purchase her second month.

    Let’s keep the ball rolling for a third month!

    There is another article published explaining more about this drug and a bit more on Gaye the link is

    Gaye and her family send a HUGE thank you to you all 💖

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  • Update on Gaye     15 February 2019
    Posted by: Wendy Kingsbury

    Firstly Gaye has asked me to thank you all from the bottom of her heart for the generous support she has received both financially and emotionally. Messages of love are pouring in and this is really boosting Gaye.

    But the really exciting news is that the first months medication has been purchased at just under $11,000 and Gaye starts taking it on Monday!

    We are over half way to her next month so let’s keep spreading the word!!!

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