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Ged's Cancer Fight

Cause page created in the Health category by Bridget Allen for Ged & Tarrin Terry

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Ged is fighting brain cancer. The drugs he needs aren't funded & he needs our help to give him the best chance of more time.

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In November 2018, Ged and his family’s lives changed forever. Ged, an amazing husband, and dad to two beautiful boys (then aged 6 and 10) was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme – an aggressive type of brain cancer. That very day he was forced to give up his job and received the news that he was unlikely to be able to ever return to work.

The next several days were a blur filled with doctor’s appointments, research, and grief as Ged and his family struggled to come to terms with his diagnosis before he went into hospital for his first surgery. It has been an incredibly tough journey but throughout everything Ged and his family have maintained a fierce determination to fight this with everything they have.

And fighting is exactly what Ged has been doing. Over the last twenty-months, Ged has had two rounds of surgery to remove tumours growing on his brain, radiotherapy, several rounds of chemotherapy and many other drug therapies that his oncologist recommended. These traditional treatments have also been supported by more holistic options focused around diet and wellbeing to give Ged the very best shot at beating this disease.

All these things have helped but not enough.

Ged’s tumours are aggressive and have continued to grow and multiply. Ged’s oncologist has now recommended a different type of chemotherapy (Regorafenib, which costs $5,000 per month) to try and shrink the tumours and give Ged more time.

Ged wants to see his boys grow up and spend as much time as he can with his beautiful wife.

Unfortunately, all these treatments have been expensive. With Ged not having been able to work since he was diagnosed, the family’s savings have been depleted.

The costs related to Ged's latest round of treatments are not all covered by PHARMAC or the public health system. On top of the $5,000 for the Regorafenib chemo drugs, Ged needs the cancer drug Avastin administered privately at a cost of around $2,500 every three weeks. He is also having up to five Intravenous Vitamin C treatments each week, which each cost around $350 a time. This is on top of a number of other medical and general life expenses - the list unfortunately goes on.

Those of us who know Ged know just how big his heart is and just how much love he gives to those around him. Right now, he is literally in a fight for his life and he needs our help to give him his best chance at seeing his boys grow up.

I have set-up this page to help Ged’s family fund his medical costs and to help support his family as they continue to fight for Ged to beat this cancer and have more time with those who love him.

Any donations will be gratefully received and will be placed into a bank account set-up for Ged and his family.

Bridget Allen's involvement (page creator)

I am a close friend of Ged's. I am setting up this account in the hope that we can help Ged's family fund his cancer treatment and medical costs.

Use of funds

These funds will go directly to Ged’s family to help them fund his ongoing medical costs and support his family as they continue to fight for Ged to beat this cancer and have more time with those who love him.

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How Ged's doing  25 August 2020

Posted by: Bridget Allen

I wanted to post an update to let you know how Ged, Tarrin and the boys are doing.

Firstly, I wanted to pass on a note of thanks to everyone for their support on behalf of Ged and Tarrin. They have been so overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of love from everyone – I’ve been telling them that it is a reflection of just how much love and friendship that they have given to all of us over the years.

From family and childhood friends to those made at school, university and beyond, Tarrin and Ged have read every message and knowing they have such a strong network of support means so much to them.

In terms of Ged’s health, he’s now onto his second round of Regorafenib, along with his regular Vitamin C injections and a cocktail of other drugs, vitamins and therapies. He’s suffering from some pretty tough side effects but has so much fight in him and his optimism is phenomenal. Tarrin, as always, is an absolute rock who just keeps taking deep breaths and dealing with whatever each day is throwing at them.

It has been amazing to see how Ged and Tarrin’s friends and family have all come together, including the other week when a bunch of Ged’s friends created a ‘Good4Goose’ fundraising challenge at Lake Hood in Ashburton. Participants could run, cycle or walk laps of the lake or mountain bike track, or there were also kayak, paddle board and ski options too. The weather played ball and it looked like a fantastic time was had by everyone as they came together to show their support for Ged (check-out the amazing photo here and posted in the gallery) and raise some funds.

There are a few other fundraising initiatives in the pipeline that I will share on here over the coming days / weeks in case anyone would like to get involved.

Thank you again for all your support for Ged, Tarrin and the boys. Just knowing you are there means the world to them.


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Guest Donor on 18 Oct 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 28 Sep 2020
hey Jed, thinking of you. Big love Swannie,
Susan on 26 Sep 2020
Sending you so much love and strength Tarrin & Ged 💓 Suz & Craig Thomas
Sarah on 09 Sep 2020
Are thinking of you and your family. Love Sarah Brett & Family.
Bridget Allen

Thank you so much for your donation. Tarrin & Ged are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from everyone x

Bridget Allen
Kirsten on 08 Sep 2020
Love and Hugs to you both. Kirsten & Mark Harman
Bridget Allen

Thank you so much for your donation. Tarrin & Ged are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from everyone x

Bridget Allen

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