George's Heart

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An amazing person gifted George their Heart ❤ Now the recovery begins ❤


My brother George was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy back in 2019. He was placed onto a treatment plan that would reduce his hearts workload. Unfortunately this treatment plan was not as effective as George's specialist hoped for. Earlier this year George began to deteriorate and was placed on the active list for a heart transplant. Before George got a new heart he deteriorate again and had to have a device attached to his heart LVAD. This did most of the work of pumping blood around George's body. George and his parents Waneta (mum) and Soul (Dad) have been living in Auckland since the middle of April while the rest of the family live in Invercargill. George has been recovering in Auckland after his heart surgery. Slowly getting stronger so that he could go back on the active list for a heart transplant. Recently George had open heart surgery to get a new heart. He has survived the surgery and now enters the recuperative phase. George and his parents Mum (Waneta) and Dad (Soul) will continue to live in Auckland for the next 2-3 months while George's recovers. We would like to ask for support from family, friends and the community. Any help would be greatly appreciated for this final part of George's journey. 🖤

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I am George's sister 🖤

Use of funds

The money will be used to support George and his family both in Auckland and Invercargill.

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George after two weeks of open heart surgery George is recovering and rehabilitating well as he goes to physio everyday and is working towards his goal so he can come home

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Latest donations

Jan on 14 Jul 2021
Sending lots of maanaki and looking forward to seeing George back at SIT next year ready to start working towards a future apprenticeship.
Denise on 14 Jul 2021
All the best on your recovery George, love Aunty Denise
Nicole on 14 Jul 2021
You got this George
Matt & Sandra
Matt & Sandra on 09 Jul 2021
All the best for your recovery
Carmen on 09 Jul 2021

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