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Getting Brook back doing what he loves with Lucy by his side!!

Hawke's Bay

While Brook was representing New Zealand for Downhill Mountain biking championships in Quebec he had a biking accident which left him with out feeling in both legs. After a traumatic helicopter uplift he flew to Quebec hospital to find he broke his back. Fractured T12 and burst fracture L1 with damage to his spinal cord requiring surgery. Decompression surgery and stabilisation was completed on his spine and rehabilitation started.

Brooks injury happened on the 31/08/19 with Lucy by his side everyday nursing him. After 3 weeks in Quebec hospital Brook and his partner started their way back to NZ. They still aren’t back to their home in NZ but in Christchurch where he is learning to walk again.

This journey is going to be a long road for Brook and Lucy. Spinal cord injuries don’t have a significant diagnosis like any other bone in the body.

Brooks plan is to ride again and get back to competing in world cups with the mountain biking family he loves!!! Together we could help them to adapt to their new life style and get back on his bike!!!!

With all the support this Givealittle page will help Brook and Lucy with rehabilitation back home, transport and financial support for Lucy as she will be looking after Brook.

If you want to watch this progress Brook and Lucy keep updates on both of their instagrams.



Go the Bulldog!!!



From the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank every one in taking the time to help us on the road ahead!

We did not even imagine the support to be this big!! We have decided to stop the page as our goal has been exceeded and focus on rehab.

We will continue to share the journey on our Instagram pages for those who want to folllow the process. XX

Use of funds

Rehabilitation, transport, financial support and all those little things you forget!

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Rouven on 11 Oct 2019
I’ve had almost the same injury 2 Years ago, now I’m back on my bike riding... Get well soon! Cheers from Innsbruck/Austria Rouven
konstantin on 11 Oct 2019
Brook we pray here in Estonia for you!!!
Dale on 11 Oct 2019
CJ on 11 Oct 2019
john on 10 Oct 2019
Hi Brook. I am a mature nz mtb weekend warrior who wants to wish you well.

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