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    Ben asks

    Hi Sara

    Is there another way I can donate? I didn’t realise it was closed


    on 19 Jan 2018

    • Sara Tari


      Hi Ben...sorry about the delay in the reply. I am currently trying to get a hold of Karl's mum (Sharon), plse can I have an email address for you so she may send on her details and reply to your request. Thank you for your kindness to donate. Karl is now home and recovering slowly...he came out on New Years eve. He is a very strong young man with many friends and family who have showed their concern and love for him. Thank you once again and you will hear from myself or Sharon.

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    Felicity asks

    Thanks for your reply love he has been in my thoughts I will keep praying for him and a speedy recovery🙏 I will pass on the news to his crossfit buddies from Glebe and love to his mum xxx💕

    on 20 Dec 2017

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    Felicity asks

    Hi Sara I was just wondering how Karl is getting on.? Hopefully his recovery is a speedy one and he is feeling much better 🙏 xxx

    From Felicity 😊

    on 19 Dec 2017

    • Sara Tari


      Hi Felicity, sorry I have just seen your questions. So...Karl is on the mend very slowly. He is in his own room now so Sharon travels daily to and from the hospital. He has had another operation since...they have inserted a line in his head so they can drain the bleeding when they need...therefore swelling is still occurring. Sharon remains strong and said he is not completely out of the woods yet. Things will be very different for him for a while...he gets frustrated and grumpy a bit Sharon said...only be coz he just wants to be normal and running around at home. So small steps at a time for and we'll wishes still come in for Karl. I hope this has been helpful it has reminded to update the's such a rigmarole you have to start a fresh. I will pass on to Sharon you have asked about Karl so she will forward onto him. Take care Felicity...plse pass on to all the people you know...thank you for caring. Sara

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  • $16,025.00 donated
  • 188 generous donors

$16,025 donated

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