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Our brave mate Kooge faces a new challenge, having been admitted to hospital again, this time with a brain tumor.


As you probably already know, in late June Michael Kooge suffered three serious seizures and was taken to hospital; Scans show a brain tumour.

Kooge has now been diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM) and is undergoing intense treatments in Auckland... both radiation therapy and also chemotherapy.

We all want to help, but don't know what we can do, what's appropriate, or what Kooge needs. There's only so much chocolate milk a guy can drink, right?

Most of you have at least some idea of what he and his family has faced over the last five years (Kooge battled Melanoma Stage 3 back in 2012). What you may not be aware of is the financial toll it can take: Lost work days, travel and accommodation costs, child care, parking fees, supplementary treatments and medications, it all adds up really quickly.

The last thing we want is for financial worries to cause stress - that's where you can help!

A message from Kooge's mum, Gaylene

"Dear Mike has so much debt incurred by this whole cancer experience that he is now so worried financially. A burden that doesn't help when one needs to concentrate on getting through this. If we had finance of course we would do everything in our power to help him. But alas this is not the case. If anyone would like to help him in this journey he would so appreciate it."

A message from Kooge:

"I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support i've gotten over the past three very weird and scary months. I really appreciate it all and am truly humbled. I don't deserve this much love, I'm a very lucky guy to have so many amazing people looking out for me and backing me. To all the amazing people in my life: thank you for carrying me through this... again, i'm a super lucky guy."

(Just a side note on the money already raised, Kooge has been paid most of this amount by Givealittle and has used the funds to pay back a chunk of the debt incurred from his first cancer in 2012... he still has a lot more debt to go aswell as new debt from this new cancer - so any spare change is a massive help for him and his family/"

Use of funds

Help pay Kooge's rent + expenses while he's off work

Help the family stay with him while he's in hospital - parking fees, petrol etc

Buying Kooge any treats he wants while he recovers. He's already got an East Day Spa voucher and a fidget spinner, so we'll think of something nice.

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Latest update

An update on Kooge  29 June 2017

Posted by: Cate Owen

Hi everyone,

Kooge is out of hospital for now, staying with family in Whangarei while awaiting brain surgery in mid July.

Obviously he's scared about it - "terrified" was the word he used - but he is staying positive and being his usual jokey self.

He SO appreciates all the support and love that's being sent his way and asks that if you know his family, please keep uplifting and encouraging them. Bloody Kooge, always thinking about other people's feelings.

He also asks that everyone take something important from his journey:

"If you read this and you go hug your partner harder, or your kids, or you say sorry for something you said to someone and appreciate each other a little more, I don't know - just try take something from this. Life is fucked, but it is also amazing."

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Tatjana Petrovic
Tatjana Petrovic on 24 Dec 2017
Dear Michael, when I heard that you are not well again and the kind of financial difficulties you are facing, I wanted to help you in some way. So, I hand-crocheted a load of Christmas baubles and sold them at work to help me raise some funds for you. Thanks to the generosity of my beautiful UWA Library colleagues, I have managed to raise $700. Some of the funds were also raised by my daughter at her workplace, whose colleagues asked that I pass on their love and well wishes for a speedy recovery. I know it is not much but we all hope it will ease your financial burden a bit. We all wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018 and beyond. Much Love, Tatjana with family :-)
Emily P
Emily P on 11 Dec 2017
Hope this helps a little
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 27 Oct 2017
Apats on 21 Oct 2017
Aimee S
Aimee S on 21 Oct 2017
Been wanting to do this for so long and finally got some cash together to send through. Long time follower and supporter and am so in awe of the way you have dealt with this all. So much luck and love and vibes sending your way going forward!! xx

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