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Gloria & Enoch's Ultimate Wedding Gift

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Help us come home and start a life in NZ...

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Sooooo we got married 20th Dec, 2020... in Accra, Ghana.

Let me know if you want me to send you some photos!!!

A couple of people have asked me if they can send me anything or contribute to a gift/ honeymoon and honestly being in Ghana (the holy land - I swear) is enough of a blessing.. we just plan on spending time in the gym and at the beach until he has to go back to work in the new year, but there is something else I'd love your support for & help with if you do want to gift Enoch & I something.

We'd like to return home to New Zealand together and settle down!!

We are in the process of applying for Enoch's visa - original plan was a spousal working visa, but only option (due to covid) is a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa (not cheap) and then possibly having to apply and pay for an additional Work Visa once in New Zealand (although we have asked and given evidence toward a variation of work rights - fingers crossed!).

Covid means the flight options are dwindling and therefore prices are sky rocketing - currently looking at about $3500 each (so est. $7000) if the situation doesn't get worse.

There's heaps of circumstance I could list to convince you to help us but basically i'm not actually here to convince you.

More so if you are already here I hope it means ¹you love me (and therefore I know you will love him) and you want to help us.

Absolutely no expectation or pressure. I know its been a rough year for a lot of people.

If God's will is to surpass our travel costs then anything left will go toward setting up our life in NZ.

We'll be coming home together eventually either way, and I can wait to introduce you guys to my amazing, loving, hilarious husband ❤🙏🏼

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OTSUI TSE!  5 January 2021

Posted by: Gloria SHARPLIN

Otsui Tse means heart breaker or something along those lines in Ga (Enoch's tribe - I've stopped learning Twi and start learning Ga), and has somehow become my nickname.

Crazy to think we've already been married 2 weeks and Ive been in Ghana almost 2months! It has gone very quickly!

Our wedding was beautiful and if you joined us via Zoom thank you so much, was very special to me to have you all there.

We've got some of our photos back (waiting on another photographer and some videography also) so thought I'd send an update with a photo - itll only let me attach one but there are plenty more on my facebook - feel free to message me or mum and we'll send you some directly.

When I gave Enoch his gift, your gift, your support - he was in disbelief that people that hadn't met him, didn't know him would give to him, give to us that generously!! OTSUI TSE!

So literally with you all behind us, beside us, in our hearts we started Enoch's visa process. Due to covid the first step was actually applying and paying for a travel exception - you currently need this approved before you can even proceed with any visa. We got approval in 24hrs and are currently getting everything together (police reports, chest x-rays - plenty of expenses we hadn't even considered - so again thank you all for making this all possible for us) he needs for his application - we plan on having the application sent off next week. They give you a month to complete your application and then 4months to enter the country... so you'll be seeing us before you know it!

I'll be extending my Ghanaian visa and staying until we can travel together. I really do love it here and when Enoch goes back to work end of Jan I'm gonna take some time to write more about my experience.

We love you guys and can't wait to thank you all in person!!

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Bonni on 05 Feb 2021
Jane on 31 Jan 2021
Love you girl, not much but hope it helps
Jessica on 31 Jan 2021
Congratulation firstly. Good luck and stay safe. Xx Jess
Katherine on 31 Jan 2021
Good luck to the both of you. Love is such a special thing. I know it's not alot about I hope it helps a little
Sophie on 31 Jan 2021
Lots of love to you both! Look forward to seeing you and Enoch in NZ ❤️

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