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Bellas gender reassignment surgery (grs)

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Im mtf trans women, in need of any help i can find to help me fund my sex reassignment surgery and vocal corrective surgery.

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My name is Isabella, i am a trans woman,

I have been trans for as long as i can remember. But only came out 4 years ago.

I have a long history of mental ilness, family related, plus trans issues thrown on top.

Im 30 atm, and for the future of my health both pysically and mentally i require some surgery to finish my physical outlook from mtf trans to the woman i feel i want to be,

i have a very deep voice which i struggle to mask. I have been assaulted several times in public for being trans, normally due to my voice offending people.

I would love to have my grs, which is my main goal as well as to get my voice corrected so i can hold down a job long enough to help save for my grs. Money raised will firstly go towards my vocal corrective surgery, to better my chances at long term employment, to pay for my grs.

I live in nz where three surgeries are funded every 5 yrs, the waiting list for this surgery funding pool is 50+ yrs long and ive only just been put on.

The chances of me getting the surgey i need to help relive the stress and presure i feel and to help alleviate my major depression are not good.

I live every day with a deep feeling of hurt, and overwhelming sadness, im still trucking on but tbh im struggling,

I have various doctors and mental health proffesionals around who try to control my symptons with medication.

I dont enjoy asking for help, i always earned my way before i came out, but since coming out as trans ive been unable to earn a stable living and get turned down for countless jobs, which im more than qualified and experienced for.

I won't surger coat this, im incredibly unwell mentally and struggle to keep myself alive everyday, even after surgery ill still be unwell.

Just looking for some assistance to make my life load i carry everyday, just a little lighter.

Thankyou for reading.

Use of funds

Funds are for Gender reassignment surgery (approx $15,000nzd) and vocal corrective surgery (approx $4000nzd)

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Grateful   11 October 2017

Posted by: Isabella Wells

Thank you to everyone whose donated, im extremely happy as to the progress so far.

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  • Félix

    Félix on 03 Dec 2019



  • Louise Elizabeth

    Louise Elizabeth on 26 Jun 2019


    Bella, Best of luck to you and much love


  • Amielia

    Amielia on 25 Oct 2017




  • h m

    h m on 04 Oct 2017


    be the person you know you are


  • Kirsty and Adam

    Kirsty and Adam on 03 Oct 2017



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This page was created on 13 Sep 2017 and closed on 1 Mar 2020.
$553 donated

Given by 18 generous donors in 2 years

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