The Heartbreaking 💔 loss of wee baby girl one week shy of being full term

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So little yet so loved. Loss of baby girl breaks all our hearts x

Alexandra, Otago

On Christmas Day my beautiful sister Beth and her awesome partner Rowan got engaged. This was such a joyous occasion coupled with the fact that they were not far away from welcoming their precious little girl into the world.

Whilst this pregnancy has been extremely challenging for Beth and Row, this little girl has been so loved. They have sung to her, read to her and she has been adored by us all.

On Sunday 4th February, dear little Lottie stopped kicking. Even after receiving her favourite stewed apricot, having her favourite song being played against Mums belly, cold drinks, fizzy drinks, and using every method in the books, there was only stillness.

This was very quickly confirmed with no beating heart on the Doppler.

Beth and Rowan are facing a truly devastating loss of their baby Lottie - one week away from being full term.

The shock and grief is hard to comprehend.

Our hearts are shattered beyond belief for these two.

I know there will be those of you who wish to do something for them.

The biggest need for Beth and Row is time to process and grieve together as they navigate what lies ahead.

If you would like to help, I have set this page up to allow them some financial support to give them as much time together as possible to grieve.

So little yet so very loved 💔

We want to thank the incredible team at Queen Mary Maternity ward and to midwife Charlotte, who have been absolutely exceptional, kind, gentle and caring in every way.

Thank you for the love and support xx

Libby Hamilton's involvement (page creator)

I am Beth’s older sister and Lottie was to be the first grandchild in our whānau.

Use of funds

Giving Rowan and Beth the time away from work to grieve and heal. Money towards accomodation, funeral costs and health and wellbeing support.

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We are all so appreciative for your incredible love and support   17 February 2024

Just reaching out to let you all know how blown away we are by the generosity, love and support from you all. It is not possible to thank each and everyone of you individually (I will try) as some have posted anonymously- but know that Beth and Rowan feel truly blessed to have received such incredible support 💖 and on behalf of us all, thank you 🙏

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Wang  Jigang    Luanjingjing
Wang Jigang Luanjingjing on 21 Mar 2024
我和我老婆希望这个家庭能尽快从悲伤中走出来 老婆听到我讲给她的这个事情 鼓励我一定要尽一点力量
Lizzie on 10 Mar 2024
Thinking of you Beth <3
Rebekah on 07 Mar 2024
Thinking of you Beth we are so sorry to hear this sad news Rebekah and Jackson Hooper
Julie on 07 Mar 2024
Our heart goes out to you both and you are in our thoughts XX
Adiella on 07 Mar 2024
Sending so much love.

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