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Hearts and funds for Vickie

on 9 Jun 2024

Kylie asks

Hi, I work for a charity called TimeOut. We connect generous holiday homeowners around the country who are willing to donate a stay to a person diagnosed with stage 4 cancer or an incurable illness so that they can spend some quality time together with family & friends.

If you are interested in applying or just want to find out more, we would love to help if we can. We are a small charity so we are unable to guarantee we will have a suitable option but we try our best. Recipients can apply online at or email with any questions. Take care, Kylie.

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on 10 Apr 2024

Frances asks

I am reaching out after seeing your story on the news last Friday. I am in a similar position and would also love to get involved to raise awareness and campaign for change. To date I have paid out over $200,000.00 on medications (since 2020) to have a shot at life. So if you felt up to it please reach out.

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