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Help to save Caleb Taiala’s life!

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$31,001 of $180,000 goal

Given by 237 generous donors in 11 weeks


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For those who know the Taiala’s you will think of words like kindness, love, joy, generosity, fun, God, great food, openness, smiles and community.

All this will never change this beautiful family. They are simply wonderful in who they are. Life, however, has thrown them a massive challenge. Dad, Husband, wonderful human, chef - Caleb has just received the devastating news he has cancer. Caleb & Kerry said “hearing the news is one thing, telling their four children was the hardest thing they have ever done.”

The diagnosis is not great. Caleb has a large, right sided primary tumour in his colon with “innumerable” liver metastases and disease outside his liver. This is going to be battle, not only for Caleb, but also for Kerry his partner in life, Elijah (son 16), Josiah (son 14), Zachariah (son 11) and Evangeline (daughter 8)

The reality, unfortunately, it appears to be incurable…BUT there is always hope. The doctors are pursuing treatment. Then there is our faith this absolutely counts for everything.

Caleb also has many adverse features medically and it is possible that he has a genetic mutation which would impact on therapeutic options as will his DNA mismatch repair status. Cancer is never simple and the treatment plan is exceptionally personal therefore the more information on Caleb’s genetics means the oncology team can pursue the best treatments that Caleb can respond too, and whether immunotherapy might be of use.

As Caleb said to us the other day “this will be a journey of letting science do its thing our faith being ever present and a deep desire for a miracle”

So how can you help – In New Zealand we have drugs that are accessible and ones that are not. We have great medical help and access to help overseas that can be vastly superior and UpToDate. But the overseas option costs. It costs a lot. But what is life worth! Being a husband, a dad, a great human.

For example a drug that is so helpful for his particular case, Avastin is not funded in New Zealand. So yes Caleb will start with chemotherapy (17 December 2019) but we already know Avastin will help. Secondly due to the complexity of his case possible treatment in the USA is also becoming available due to Caleb’s case being unique.

Finally cost of living – Caleb is not working. His family has to focus and give all their aroha and support to him – this is a battle! So let’s take away the financial burden and other worries.

Goal $180,000 – we already know treatment alone will be around $90,000. So this will help with living, the right drugs and potential travel to USA for further treatment. This family constantly give. It is now time to give back.

Community, friends and loved ones let’s do faith in action for the Taiala’s, be generous and give. Imagine 360 people or families give $500 we are there.

**Also please note that there is another Give-a-little page ( that has been set up by other friends/colleagues of Caleb from his BBQ world. There are no problems having two different pages, giving on either one will go directly to Caleb and his family. Thanks!

Marie Wilson's involvement (page creator)

Created by Marie Wilson, Paying to a verified bank account of Kerry Taiala

Use of funds

The money raised will be used to help pay their cost of living ie: mortgage, utilities, fuel, hospital expenses, food for the family etc as well as loss of income from the last few months.

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Latest update

Extended time  27 January 2020

Posted by: Marie Wilson

Just changed our closing date to April as we need more time to reach our goal of $180,000. Between us and the other give a little page we are just over $60,000! Thanks so so much for all your love and generosity!

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  • Clark

    Clark 3 days ago


    The Nemeth Clan. Aroha my brother. Be encouraged. You are well loved.


  • Anna and Jamie

    Anna and Jamie 4 days ago


    Thinking of you all x


  • Jacinta

    Jacinta 4 days ago


    You sound like an amazing Dad, wishing you all the best in your fight!


  • Karlene

    Karlene 4 days ago



  • Joanne

    Joanne 5 days ago



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Paying to a verified bank account of Kerry Taiala

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$31,001 of $180,000 goal

Given by 237 generous donors in 11 weeks

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