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Help Abby Bayly afford melanoma treatment

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    Sue asks

    Hi Vanessa,

    how about doing an interview with the Dr who wouldn't let Abby pay this off? I'd be interested in hearing why they did this.


    on 13 Jan 2020

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  • GaryO

    New asks

    Hello Abby,

    As a long term cancer patient (currently in partial remission for many years now) and survivor I am deeply concerned at your predicament.

    Two specific Melanoma immunotherapy drugs are funded by PHARMAC currently. Keytruda and Opdiva.

    Unless I am missing something in the reporting, you should be receiving either/or at no cost to yourself. You must ask your oncologists some tough questions and preferably with a Cancer Society or other like cancer support organisation support person with you. Do not be afraid to ask anything, really good doctors expect this and will endeavour to give you good thought out answers in plain language.

    I wish you the very best.


    on 13 Jan 2020

    • Vanessa Shaw


      Hi gary abby here thanks for you question i can understand it has confused you however the article was worded badly and states im stage 4 not stage 3b which in the video above that i say myself what stage i am i also had to prove to givealittle that medically im telling the truth as im sure with your own experiences you would know stage 3b is not funded.Thanks heaps for getting in touch and i hope you are well and doing well on your jounery kind regards abby bayly

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    Katie asks

    Hi there,

    I have just come across your page from an article on stuff.

    I am a bit confused, why do you need to pay for immuno therapy - now that it has been diagnosed the public system should be picking this up?



    on 13 Jan 2020

    • Vanessa Shaw


      Hi katie abby here; i understand your enquiries as the news article about my story was worded so bad and had some wrong info in it which ive tryed to correct, but if you play the video i clearly say i have stage 3b melanoma and they have got it wrong.theres also a process i had to go forth with though givealittle to prove medically i was telling the truth.New Zealand doesn't fund stage 3 only stage 4 hence why im trying to raise awareness on the matter as prevention is key.hope that answers your questions kind regards abby bayly

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    Virginia asks

    Hi Vanessa, I'm hoping you can get in contact with me as I'd like to write a story about Abby. My email is

    on 3 Dec 2019

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    Helen asks

    Hi Vanessa

    This is not a question but a thank you.

    Abby is the mother of my grand daughter Allyson. It breaks my heart to know that Ally will not get to have her mother there with her as she grows up. You are so right that there needs to be more awareness in regards to Cancer in our youths today. I know I knew nothing about melanoma until now.

    I would like to say thank you for your give a little page to help support Abby and Ally at this time. I will continue to share the link to this page too and hopefully it will help to educate people in regards to this terrible disease which does not discriminate on age.

    Thank you again and God bless you X

    Helen Crosland

    on 27 Nov 2019

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